On site or Off site?


Thank you all for the wonderful advice as we were trying to decide between one room that accommodates 5 in a moderate or two rooms at a value. We have 3 kids who will be 14, 11 and 7 when we travel for the next trip. Most everyone agreed that they would do the 2 rooms for space and two bathrooms.

Now, we just came across some deals for some 2 bedroom suites off site for comparable rates to two rooms at Pop. So, here’s my question. . would you stay on site at the pop or do off site with a suite? There are clear advantages to both, but mainly concerned about lack of convenience off site. And, my two boys (14 and 11) would have more freedom if we stayed onsite (if that is a good thing :blink:)


I would stay on site- without a doubt. No traffic concerns, plus there is more of a disney experience when you stay on site… Where else can you park your car, then only start it again when you are ready to leave… let Disney get you from place to place…


On site is soooo much easier!!


Tough question–it’s a trade-off. Off-site will always be more affordable and many think that staying on-site feels more like you’re a part of it all. We’ve made a few trips with 5 and WDW isn’t very 5-member-family friendly unless you stay in a deluxe. The first two trips our youngest DD was small enough for the trundle bed so we stayed in PORS. Have you checked into buying points for a DVC suite? Sometimes this is cheaper than a deluxe.


Done both and will only stay on site now.


Stayed off site once…Will never do it again!!


Until you believe in magic you will never experience it. The Disney magic does not exist off site.


On site…I’ve done off before and I’ll never go back.




I believe in being on-site. Who wants to drive and fight traffic on vacation?


On site for sure. How about a suite at the all stars or renting points from a DVC member?


Get your “Sight” on !!!:laugh: Let the Wonderful World of Disney take care of you !!!


If the rates are comparable, would stay on-site. You get the advantage of EMH, and easier to get around (IMHO). We have not had a car in WDW in years, and find it more of a hassle to drive and get around than what it is worth.


Two words: on site.


No question, I would stay on property :wink: because of the perks!


I’m going to go against the flow and suggest that you may be more comfortable with the extra space when traveling with a group. Staying off site when you have older kids really isn’t an inconvenience. My boys always loved the ability to stretch out and get away from each other at the end of the day.


I have done both and I will only go with on site from now on, especially if the rates are comparable. There is no replacing the Disney magic and the conveniece of never having to drive anywhere yourself and EMH make on site the only option for me.


On-site. So convenient.:mickey:


Cost/benefit analysis time:

On Site: No need for a car, no parking fee, EMH, Resort perks, no parking fees, DDP(would you use it?), THE MAGIC, letting the kids do things that they couldn’t off site, no hassle of traffic, break in the day at hotel easier to pull off. I am sure I am missing some things…

Off Site: Food costs could be lower, more space in the rooms (but you aren’t there to spend time in the rooms), freedom of having a car

For my family ON SITE. For your faimily, maybe DVC renting of points. I think you would find that VERY good.


We did an off-site not long ago, 4 families, BIG house with pool. We did save on food but you add the expense of the car, and for me the travel time just to get to WDW drove me nuts. Bad enough trying to get teens moving in the morning but then to have to drive, and if you hit a traffic jam! … never again.

For us the travel time on WDW transport is all part of the vacation, downtime for DH as well.