On the hunt for the perfect Disney shoe


So, I know we have had this discussion before, but I am on the hunt for the perfect Disney shoe…
I was a few stipulations…yes, I love Crocs…but I can’t wear them in the parks…I have a pair and I trip over my feet all the time. I also love Rainbows–but I wore them to the parks in Feb and in rained rained rained…and my feet got WET and slippery…so I am really looking for a tennis shoe or “sneaker” as you northerns call them…
So Whishy, Kipp…help me!


I really like these…but, I am not sure if it’s just the pretty colors on the tongue part or if I really LIKE them, I dont think I am packing much brown
New Balance W801 (Grey/blue) - Women’s Gym


ok, you have to look at the khaki color–i dont like that blue/grey thing


this is a matter for professionals, check out this link, i’m sure you’ll find something suitable!!

AAPSM Walking Shoe List


LOL, I tried those on last night for my October trip! I liked them, but didn’t buy them. Why, you ask? Because this https://shop.crocs.com/p-34-mary-janes.aspx?reqid=34&reqProdTypeId=41p&subsectionname=footwear&section=products&color=Pink&size=W8&quan=1 in pink, is what I think I really want, I just need to get down to try them on.


I love crocs but they always make me trip…and I dont want to trip and crack my teeth on my honeymoon…:smile:
Because I would totally do that.:pinch:


See… I’m the dork that will go through pain in order to wear cute shoes. I’ll wear stuff like THISbefore I’ll wear any type of walking shoes. (BTW, I totally want those. But I’m on a spending freeze after buying 3 pairs of shoes in 1 week. :pinch: )

But I can easily go through the parks in basic flip flops and casual shoes and be fine for the day. Doesn’t really bother me much.

So are you going for comfort, style, or both?


duh, stlye…i really just want new shoes.

AND…i dont want my feet to hurt…


Yeah, you have a point there! :laugh:

I tried these on last night in grey and lilac, but the band across the top on the left shoe was RIGHT where I broke my foot years ago and I know from experience I wouldn’t be able to wear them long. The rest of the shoe was really comfortable. I’m a huge fan of this line of shoes!

Royal Elastics Caprico (Light Grey/Preppy Lilac) - Royal Elastics Entire Women’s Collection


It looks like the shoes you like run a little narrow (from your link to Zappos). If you don’t have a thin foot, you might want to try a wider width?


As far as tennis shoes that are comfy and casual, I LOVE Diesel! I have a couple pairs and not only do my feet feel good in them, but they are cute too!

Here are the selection they have at Nordstrom:
DIESEL - View All - Nordstrom.com


OMG… I just got a new pair of Diesel’s last night (pic in the ebay thread). Seriously… that whole air flow sole thing they have going on… amazing. :frostyang


New Balance are a very good shoe. I wore them my first trip to WDW.


I love Crocs but I really like the look of the DIESEL Kevlih Mule.


I just bought these crocs maryjanes in black. They are ADORABLE and much smaller than normal crocs (i.e. less visually intrusive). I love them and I’m pretty sure they’re going to be my shoe of choice for this upcoming trip.


i wish i could see the top of the croc-janes!!

crocs ARE wonderful…i wore them to work all the time when i walked around a lot…now i have a computer job…so i can wear uncomfortable shoes and look super stylish!


Are crocs comfortable for walking? I thought they were more a gardening shoe?


they’re very comfy!
it’s like walking on clouds!


hang on, I’ll take a picture of mine for you.


Never mind. I left them at work by mistake. I’ll take a picture of them tomorrow for you!