On this day 7 Years Ago


On this day, February 8, 2008, 7 years ago Disney’s California Adventure Park opened its gates as the newest 2nd Gate addition to the new ‘Disneyland Resort’. Though the park would struggle through its first 7 years it would only take time before the ugly duckling was transformed into a Swan.

Here is to many wonderful years to come for Disney’s California Adventure Park and the entire Disneyland Resort. :mickey: :smile:


I went to the park the first year it opened.

Was expecting something different.

But the park has grown on me… :wub:


I always had faith in California Adventures. :wub:

I didn’t realize it was 7 years ago that it opened though! I remember first going there like it was yesterday. I was, like, 10. :mellow: Time literally flies by me.


Ditto… it’s starting to grow on me. I am excited about everything to come though.


aw cool. I’ve loved that park since the first time I visited it.


I sure do miss “Who wants to be a Millionaire”, though… :angry:


I’ve never been to this park (never been to DL either!) but I plan to one day. I think it’s a perfect compliment to DL.