? on upgrading to family suite


Ok, it is the 4 of us going (Me, DH, DS-13, DSS-22).

We are staying at CBR, which means 2 double beds. DS has a double bed of his own at home and he is a sleeper that moves around a lot. Plus DH is in a panic that if I have one of those “noisy” nights, where is he going to go to sleep away from it(me). I told him the tub or car:laugh:

We were thinking of going to a family suite, but there are none available at All Star Music. I called and there are cabins available at FW but DS said it would not be Disney in a cabin.

The questions is, what do you think they would offer in place of All Star Music and would we have to pay the difference.


It might be cheaper to get 2 adjoining rooms than a family suite. Try that. Or go for the cabins- they are totally Disney!


Not sure how long you are staying but have you considered renting points?

EMail or PM me and I’ll check the requirements for you. Generally you can rent a 2 br (or 2 studios even) and save some serious $$$$.


I think if you are still wanting to stay at a value, you are limited to adding a second regular room if the Family Suites are all booked. I don’t think Disney would offer a discount on that, but you never know!


Well… I’ve never stayed in the cabins, but I think they’re still very “Disney.”

A good alternative… if you’re ready for a price jump (you were actually doing a price decrease by “upgrading” to the ASMu family suite!)… is a one-bedroom villa. You and DH could have the bedroom and DS could sleep on the sleeper sofa in the living room, and if your husband can’t deal, then he could move in with DS.

The most inexpensive way to go about doing this is renting points. And the least expensive (points and dollar/point-wise) DVC resorts are typically OKW, AKV (standard view), VWL, and BWV.

To look at a points chart, visit DVCNews.com: News, Fun, Friends! The essential Disney Vacation Club resource! - News

And for points for rent, we have some on MB, but there are more options at DVC-Rent/Trade - The DIS Discussion Forums - DISboards.com

You might find that it’s less expensive to book two rooms at a value resort.


My friends stayed in the cabin and we visited them over Xmas. I was SHOCKED at the size . . . tiny! :ohmy:

Only 1 bathroom, and one bedroom (bunks and a full) In the living room there was a murphy bed that was a full as well. And yes it was a camping feel, not so much a Disney feel . . . but you are just a boat ride away from MK.

I’d go family suite if you can get it . . . or rent points!


I would get two connecting rooms at a value, cheaper than a family suite. 2 bathrooms , 2 tv’s and everyone gets their own bed! And mom and dad can get a little privacy.