Once again, POP vs. ASMO, what are your thoughts?


I am about 20 days away from the deadline to make my ressies with the AP discount…The Dave and I have bounced back and forth and back and forth and back and forth on the issue of, to POP or to ASMo…
I am against ASMo, and here’s why:
We stayed there on our first trip and it was without a doubt WONDERFUL. Since then we’ve stayed at POP 3 times and I feel it would dim in comparison. PLUS the ASMo tends to book groups and we’re going during ESPN the weekend (I can just see the 1/2 million cheerleaders and sports teams now). The last time we went in March (almost the same exact date) the resort was filled to capacity and we checked in late (as we will be doing this time also) we paid for a Preferred room, and got the very worst preferred room possible, AND it smelled like drugs and smoke. We were so miserable we switched to POP and had a fabulous time.
Dave is against POP, and here’s why:
The LINE FOR THE BUSES! When we went this summer the lines for POP were ALWAYS the longest. And this is nit picky but the POP bus queue is ALWAYS the farthest away from the park entrances…has anyone else noticed that! The Ausctics in the rooms. 3 out of 3 trips to POP we have had neighbors with babies. We woke up several times to babies crying throughout the night in the next room, and they literally sounded like they were in our room. We’ve been there 3 times in the last year…I think The Dave is ready for some change.

I am not really crazy about ASSp or ASMu but I added them anyways…

I know that this topic has been debated to death…but I could really appreciate your opinions to help settle this family debate! :wub:



I’ve stayed at values four times in the last 13 months. The first time at ASMu, next two times at POP and the final time at ASSports. For hotel atmosphere, etc. - I vote POP all the way.

However, the long bus lines (and them being the farthest) are a BIG issue in my decision also. One of my stays at POP was with DS and DH - the other one was with a girlfriend. The long bus lines bothered me MUCH more on the trip with DS than with Becky. We just booked our April trip (DH, DS and me again) for POP — HOWEVER, I’m considering an upgrade to POR simply because of the bus line issue.

All considered, my vote amongst the values is still POP. Since you don’t have any screaming kids :smile: I’d definitely say POP.


Of all the values, I have only stayed at the ASSports, so my opinion probably is biased. I would stay at the ASSports because it is the first in line for the busses. You always get a seat and never have to stand. I don’t like getting on a full bus. Since each value has it’s own bus back from the parks, it doesn’t matter there. Transportation is a big issue for me. So that’s why I would pick the ASSports. Plus we liked the food area and grounds.


I voted for POP. It is just newer and a bit better in terms of lay out (but big). I actually think all the budgets are pretty nice. Good Luck!


I voted for Pop Century. It is my favorite value resort.


I voted for POP because I have stayed there. If there is a pet peeve you have it will allways rise to the top when it comes up. If you pick POP and the bus line is long you will think “we should have picked movies” same goes for a noisy kid in the next room. If you stay at movies and get your other peeves you will think the opposite. Since you both have a different pick then the other person would feel that they would have been “right”.

Why not throw caution to the wind and stay at Sports or Music. Then at least you can run into a different set of peeves. :biggrin:


I said Pop as well. I don’t know if I would be able to put up with all the groups that may be at ASMo. When we were at Pop in November, I thought it was very quiet and I know we had neighbors with babies. Never heard a peep. Maybe it was where we were at, I don’t know. Anyway, I know where ever you choose to stay, you will have a great time! Good luck!!


It’s Pop for me too! We have stayed at ASsp too but pop is the place for us! It’s newer and it is just where we feel at home!


Voted for POP only because it is new. Have not stayed there, but have stayed at all of the others. Just another place to add to the list to stay at on a future trip.


I voted for ASMusic. I love it there. I think it has a more “romantic” feel than ASMo. I’ve never stayed at POP or Sports, but they really don’t appeal to me. Music attracts more adults than the others due to the theming. It is beautifull at night. I think you should give it a shot!


Okay, I haven’t been to either, but based on what you said, I’d pick long bus lines over packs of cheerleaders any day of the week! (Are long lines only a problem at Pop in the summer?) BUT, I’d call WDW and ask if there are any cheer groups booked at Pop during that time–the worst that can happen is that they will tell you that they cannot tell you :wacko: If you find out there are, I’d go for movies or music (which ever is first on the bus route).

Crying babies will happen everywhere, maybe when you check in you can let the CM know about your last experience and they could put you in a quiet top floor room.


Sounds like a good idea. To me, ASMu looks the best, but I’m only basing it on pics. I’ve never even seen it live, much less stayed there. It just looks really cool!


I’m going to pop for the first time next month. I hope the bus lines aren’t that long. I’m looking forward so much to staying there. I have stayed at all the others and like movies the best of the other 3.


This thread cracks me up.

Mickey has started the Resort Death Match thread, where week-by-week we vote for the best resort. Now, our dear Bella has come up with her own poll, basically the same, with some added choices.

It’s almost like Bella works for FOX’s reality TV department. :tongue:


I like movies…I see I’m going with the underdog here, but that is what I would choose.

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exactly, I quit reading threads started by other people…it makes my life easier…

totally kidding :wub:
i just wanted everyones opinion on what we should do given the circumstances surrounding our trip


We just got back and yes, the lines for POP was always looooooooooonger than All star whatevers. The main reason we had picked POP was because we didn’t like when the all stars buses would show up half full and trying to get off a packed bus. But the fear of groups at all stars would still keep us at POP I think.


When we stayed at Pop bus lines weren’t any issue at all.


we didnt have bus issues at the Pop either … well except at the end of the day …but then at the end of the day (park closing) all the busses had long long lines. Thats why we always try to go veeeeeeerrrrrry slowly when we leave the parks, sorta take our time …sit on a bench awhile and let the crowds clear out.
any way I voted Pop …love the pop …we have stayed at Music and Movies and they are ok …but our best stays at any of the values was the POP