Once again,if the answer doesn't seem right, call again


This year we are using all our points (banked and current) and trying to make the best use for three trips this yr.

We wanted to drop two days in May in a 1 bedroom (70 points) and book days at the end of Nov at BLT in a standard studio. Our home resorts are BLT and SSR. So I was told if I drop those two days, only 20 points are BLT and the rest are SSR. I would have to borrow points for the days at BLT. After looking at the account for about 10 mins, I was told no way to reallocate points to free up BLt points. ok.

Call again, explain the whole thing. Can I reallocate the points to free up BLT points? Sure…click, click, click…all done. got the days at BLT like I wanted.

I’m glad I got it done, but what if I didn’t call back?


The magic words with MS are Please, Thank You, AND reallocate. :whistling :laugh: