Once Remember ends?


What do you all think the Disneyland Resort should do once the 50th ends and Remember…Dreams Come True is suppossed to come to an end? Do you think A- Remember should stick around for an extended period? B- Bring back Believe…Theres Magic in the Stars? or C- Create a brand new firework spectacular? I was just thinking about it and thought Id get all of my best Disney buds opinions. :smile:


Umm, I think something new would be appropriate, like entering into a new era after the 50th celebration. you know?

When DOES the 50th end exactly, is there like a “finish” date?


I like the new firework thing for the entrance into another great 50 years. :smile: The 50th is suppossed to end in October right before the holiday season, or so I was told.


Keep Remember! Because it was the most perfect fireworks show I have ever seen and I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. :wub: :wub: :wub:

Okay… they can come up with something new, I suppose. But I hope it’s just as sentimental and wonderful.


I don’t know how they could ever in the history of the world make a fireworks show that could top Remember…
But I think something new would be great…I don’t see them keeping it since the 50th celebration will be over…but I wish they would!


Oh just wait for WDW’s, it will probably be bigger as everything that goes to WDW is always bigger, ugh. Ya’ll know what im talking bout…


Add lazers and lights to the show, ive been to lazer shows, not sure if they can do anything with them outside worth watching.


Oh if they don’t keep Remember they should make a new one not the same they’ve had before


A mix between options B and C is what I’d like to see. Use all the new technology (i.e. the projectors, firework lauchers off of the matterhorn, tinkerbells flight) and combine all that with the Believe…There’s Magic in the Stars sound track. They could create quite the show with all the new toys they have to mess around with. Even the firework launchers from the hub area.


There are lasers in Remember - they ROCK :wub:


There are lasers in Remember - they ROCK

shows what i know lol ,whack, whack


hee hee…the BEST part in Remember (well, one of the best) is when they are projecting the princess on the castle…or when the skull and crossbones is on the matterhorn! Such good use of light!


Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing this show come to WDW so I could see it. That would be cool…so if that were to happen if DLR got a new show, then I vote for that. :biggrin:


I like watching Tinkerbell dodge all of the fiery cataclysm in the sky! :pinch: How she doesn’t get toated is pure magic!

But I think they should do something new… But as to what, well I haven’t imagineered that yet! :blush: But new is good in this case… They can’t keep the 50th celebration stuff forever, but maybe in a few years they could bring back the current fireworks show, possibly renamed and slightly tweaked! :happy:


I love this current firework show and will be sad to see it go. When my aunt, who was a CM in the early 70’s, was visiting from CT we took her to DL to see her old “stomping grounds”. We had so much fun that day and that evening we watched Remember. At one point I looked over and she was crying!!! She was so happy that she was crying…not just tears in her eyes…but tears rolling down her face crying. Of course…that just got me and my sis crying to…What a sight that was :pinch: Anyway…that memory will stay with me forever :heart:

Oh…and the first time I saw Remember…I thought Tink was falling :eek:


Awwwwww! :wink:

I didn’t think anything could make ornery Peppertink cry! :tongue: But that is cool… And I have to admit that it was very moving and gave me goose bumps… It is indeed and awesome show… :biggrin:


I don’t know if it would fit in the MK, just because it has a few ride soundtracks that are only in DL. But they can always edit and replace audio segments. What’s WDW’s next major aniversay? 35? Maybe the show could come then, who knows.


It would be great if they kept the show around for a bit longer than the 50th celebration so that I can see it again! It is such an amazing show and the soundtrack is so much fun to listen too! I am looking forward to whatever they choose to do because no matter what it will be great!


Don’t even try to fit Remember into WDW. Even though Remember already starts and ends with Wishes, it should just exist in Disneyland. More to the point, they should continue running Remember for another 5 to 10 years before doing a new show. IllumiNations in Epcot was created for the millenium celebrations in 2000 and still runs every night.


You have a very good point made here, I feel that it is a great any night show for Disneyland and should continue to show and it reminds us all of the magic that began 50 years ago.