Once Upon a Spring Time


Even more princess options for little girls!!!

I was browsing on the Disney Shopping website, and found these adorable new arrivals at the Disney Store! (So, I’m guessing these dresses won’t be available in the parks, which is a shame.)

The “ballerina” dresses are adorable! A spring, fairy-like version of the classic princess dresses… love them! :wub:
Ballerina Princess Belle Costume | DisneyShopping.com
Ballerina Princess Sleeping Beauty Costume | DisneyShopping.com
Ballerina Princess Cinderella Costume | DisneyShopping.com

And the ballerina shoes look like they’d be much more comfortable than the plastic dress-up shoes typically sold with the dresses. (Still might rub a blister on little feet, though.)
Ballerina Princess Cinderella Shoes | DisneyShopping.com

These springtime flip-flops, however, look like a great option, and they’re actually reasonably priced! (And they make them in my size!!!)
Springtime Belle Flip Flops | DisneyShopping.com
Springtime Sleeping Beauty Flip Flops | DisneyShopping.com
Springtime Cinderella Flip Flops | DisneyShopping.com

The “skimmer” shoes also look comfortable (and a good choice to wear around the parks). They only come in Cinderella and Aurora, though.
Skimmer Cinderella Shoes | DisneyShopping.com
Skimmer Sleeping Beauty Shoes | DisneyShopping.com

I also really like these summer princess dresses. Looks so much more comfortable for little girls to wear into the parks. And I really love Cinderella’s dress - such a beautiful blue!
Summer Belle Dress | DisneyShopping.com
Sleeping Beauty Sun Dress | DisneyShopping.com
Cinderella Dress with Bow | DisneyShopping.com

And the springtime princess camis would be great for wearing around the parks, as well as everyday!
Springtime Princess Cami | DisneyShopping.com
Springtime Sleeping Beauty Cami | DisneyShopping.com
Springtime Cinderella Cami | DisneyShopping.com

Ahhhhh… I wish I was a little girl, again!

Here’s all of the Disney Store’s new arrivals: New Arrivals | Kids Apparel & Accessories | DisneyShopping.com


I’ll also add that the deluxe princess dresses are on sale.
Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Costume | DisneyShopping.com

As well as the light-up princess dresses! :laugh:
Light-Up Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Costume | DisneyShopping.com


Those are so cute I wish I had a little girl to dress up right now all we have is our little puppy Lucy :laugh:


Come on now! I deleted this from my inbox to resist temptation! :wink:

Now I see like 5 things we just “have to have”!! :whistling


Your right- that blue on the Cinderella dress is a great blue! My DD would look great in that with a nice suntan-it would make her suntan really standout!!


My DD owns the Cinderella dress. She loves it. She is not even 2 and loves to play dress up. And she cried when I took it off of her. :laugh: I attached a pic.


OH, so CUTE!!


ahhhh!!! She’s so cute!!! :wub:


Oh she is adorable!


The spring time dresses are so cute. My DD have would loved them when she was younger, sadly, she is too cool for the princesses on her clothes.

KittieChick, you DD is precious.


Thanks everyone!

She just recently learned to say Cinderella (and is obsessed with her now). At first when she learned it, it sounded more like Cruella, but now she’s saying it more clearly. Can’t wait to see her face when she sees the castle, where she knows Cinderella lives, and sees Cinderella in person! Oh it’s going to be fun.