Once Upon A Time


Has anyone invested an interest in Once Upon A Time? I’ve been meaning to watch it but keep missing it for one reason or another. What are your thoughts on it? I’d hate to try to tie up in a series if it’s really cheesy.


I LOVE IT!!! Someone else could call it cheesy, but this if it is, its a cheesy I’m a fan of. I watch it with my roomate! It’s really fun.


Is this a Star Wars saga?


I love it! My DH and I actually watch it together each week!!!


I watched the first episode, and I thought I might continue watching… but it conflicts with two other shows that we can’t miss. I’ve put it on my “maybe catch up with it one day” list.


We love it! We watch it every week.


I’ll have to catch it next Sunday. If I can get into twilight this should be a piece of cake.


Ok I’m reading an article on this and it’s states no Peter Pan because he’s not public domain however they are planning to write Ariel into the narrative. The reason many of these characters were chosen was due to the licensing rights and the ease of use with it being on ABC. Is Peter Pan not owned by Disney?


I can’t wait for this to come to the uk - I saw it advertised when i was in disney last september…
we have pan am over here now and its rubbish (trash)
also looking forward to “Touch”


DW and I enjoy the show very much although we missed the most recent episode but I have it on the DVR to watch when we get the chance.

We also enjoy Pan Am even though I know most have panned it.


I meant to watch it and never did. Now I have no clue what is going on and it’s not on demand for me to catch up. Oh well…


:mickey:I really enjoy this show. I liked the last one about Jiminy Cricket. I really hope they keep this going.


We love it. We DVR it every week.


This is a great and imaginative show. We didn’t get the Jiminy Cricket story til this week and the show FINALLY cleared that up. Great show! My wife jokes “We like it, that means they will cancel it”, but I hope she is wrong.


My famly watches every week…we LOVE it!!


I do like it, although they need to tighten up the story lines. There were a few things that happened in this show that were not realistic. (Ex. A dog could be heard barking in a car near a mine shaft yet they didn’t even have the rescuers yell to them to let them know they were above them) Most of the shows were much better.


I hope they start over in reruns so I can see it. I don’t want to jump in midway through.


According to wikipedia… “The copyright status of the story of Peter Pan and its characters has been the subject of dispute, particularly as the original version began to enter the public domain in various jurisdictions. In 1929, Barrie gave the copyright to the works featuring Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), Britain’s leading children’s hospital, and requested that the value of the gift should never be disclosed; this gift was confirmed in his will. GOSH has exercised these rights internationally to support the work of the institution.”

That would also explain the prominent “thanks” from Disney to the GOSH in the opening credits of his film, too. :happy:


Julie you can watch all of the episodes on ABC.com


Oooh thanks!