Once upon a time/hidden mickeys


Has anyone noticed any hidden mickeys in OUAT??
I know of 1 and seen it, but i heard there were a couple.

Anyone with any info, please share, thank you!!


Ooohhhh… I have been watching that show since day one religiously, but have never noticed one :eek: my daughter would love to look.


We’ve seen a few but I can’t remember where, my DD is very good at spotting them.


The one that i seen was when Snow White was put in the jail cell, the door to her cell had a hidden mickey on the two top corners.
Now i am not 100% sure if this was intentional or just my eyes WANTING TO SEE HIDDEN MICKEY’S, lol
I also remember seeing the mickey phone in mr. golds pawn shop and a mickey and minnie doll on his counter.
and from what i heard, there is also a hidden mickey in one of the glass cases in his shop but that one i didn’t see…i might have to go back and look to see if i can find it, i also don’t know which episode that one is in