One Day to Harry Potter World


We are traveling to Disney November 6th through November 13th - I would like to know if anyone has any idea of best way to purchase a one day ticket to go to Universal for the Harry Potter World - we have 5 adults. Been looking and SOOOOO expensive - AAA, ??? HELP!


We bought ours through Undercover Tourist. Still expensive, but it gave us a little discount. We have a family of six and we figured it cost us $1,200 to go for one day when we included car rental, tickets, food etc. We did purchase the front of the line pass as well. It helped us accomplish everything we wanted to do at Universal in one day.


We are there the week after you (12th-20th)! We are going to Harry Potter one day as well. I think the week you are there is pretty low crowds as well (3’s and 4’s mainly). I am getting ours through undercover tourist and your post made me realize I hadn’t ordered them yet! Going to do that now!

We got our disney tickets through this site and they had very fast shipping. Since you are going in the next week though, you may need to see about picking them up in orlando - that is an option with undercover tourist - or just buy at the gate or at your hotel.


We got our tickets right from universal one day two parks. wish we had used undercover.

it was just 19 sept we went. 45min Waite for the harry potter ride (we did it twice) the old dueling dragons was a 5min Waite. everything else in the two parks were only 10 min Waite.

We did both parks in one day (two adults - we also missed out the two big wet rides) no need to buy the front of line ticket on top. (not sure how the crowds will be in Nov’:wacko:


“Accio Tickets!”

Nope? Hmmm. Sounds like it’s just going to be expensive. :pinch:


I’ve always found the Universal website to have the best online deals, but I still have to go through the exercise of pricing them all to be sure. There’s undercover, mapleleaf and a couple of others to look at. Does your employer offer anything? We have Also, check for deals


[QUOTE=Andrea;1093788]“Accio Tickets!”

Nope? Hmmm. Sounds like it’s just going to be expensive. :pinch:[/QUOTE]

:laugh::laugh::laugh:Good try:laugh::laugh::laugh:

Enjoy your day at WWoHP…you’ll :heart: it.


If you plan on going again before 12/31/14 you should get them from Costco. This is what I did last year and what I’m doing again for next years trip. At Costco you get any 3 days with both parks for $144. Last year it was $132 but $144 is still a great deal. With the one I bought last year we went Nov. '10, May '11, and Sept. '11 for one day each. We do both parks with no problem. The last trip in Sept. we had 5-10 min waits on everything even HP.