One evening with DH


We are taking a group with us. We will have one night that my DH and I will have with no kid. We are all taking turns keeping eachothers kids to give the parents a night without a kid.

Ideas on where to eat and what to do.



We are going to try Citricos for our “date night”. Looking forward to it and have never been. If you haven’t been, and are on the dining plan, I would certainly try California Grill around 9 PM so you can see the fireworks. That was our date night 2 years ago, although we weren’t smart enought then to try for a 9 PM booking.

I’m planning on a new dress, heels, maybe even makeup! Can you tell I’m a Mom :wub:


I would go to Flying Fish Cafe at the Boardwalk. We had a wonderful meal there 2 years ago and I’ve been wanting to go back since. After dinner you can either walk around the boardwalk then go to Jellyrolls or walk over to Epcot and stroll World Showcase.


watch the fireworks from either Rose and Crown or California Grill- romantic!!


I vote for California Grill and fireworks… That’s where we spent our 9th anniversary and it was great…


DS does not get into WS so we would probably eat somewhere there and watch illuminations.


Ditto. Great food and service. The view is to die for too.:wub:


For a romantic setting. I suggest Spoodles on the Boardwalk.


For a romantic setting. I suggest Spoodles on the Boardwalk.


DH and I are getting a date night too and we are going to Narcoosee’s at the GF. Then we will head to Jellyrolls. It is a geat time and then we can stroll along the boardwalk.

We also booked a date night for my inlaws who are joining us (they insist on spenind all possible moments with their DGD’s) and they are going to The Yachtsman Steakhouse. Take a look at and check out the menue’s. Go somewhere nice!


oh wow! That is a great idea. You should head to DTD, have dinner at Portabello’s and then a night of fun at PI.


I’d go with an early dinner at Le Cellier and a night at MK with just the two of you. Granted MK is the most “kid friendly” park, but it is WDW and MK is the heart. It is a different experience without the kids. We like a nice casual walk up Main Street, ice cream, fireworks… :blush: