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Hello all you Disney Experts! This will be my first time to Disney since I was 4-years old. :blush: My husband and I are taking our 3-year old boy. While on a buisness trip to Orlando last year, my husband was suckered into a TimeShare promotion. So, we obviously won’t be staying on site. We have only 2.5 days in Orlando given the time of our return flight AND timeshare appt. I’d like to spend one of those days at SeaWorld. And, I’d like to spend that half day touring the Disney/Orlando properties to choose where we’re going to stay in the future.

Now, for my main question: I’d like to spend that ONE day at Disney. But, I don’t know who, what, where, when, or why. What is the most appropriate park for a 3-year old? Is it more than one?! Should I get a Park Hopper for that one day?!

Thanks so much!


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For one day with a 3 year old you have to go to Magic Kingdom! There is more than enough to do there to fill your day so I don’t think you need a park hopper.

Get there about 15 minutes before the park opens and go straight to Fantasyland and get started.


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One day? Magic Kingdom. Don’t hop to another park. Absorb all you can.

Before you buy into a timeshare - look at Disney’s vacation club. we did and love it.


You guys are quick! Thanks so much.


You also might want to try to do a character meal so your son can meet a few characters and you don’t have to waste time standing in line to do it. Crystal Palace has Pooh and the gang and Liberty Tree Tavern has Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale. Both restaurants are in MK so you won’t waste time leaving the park and having to return.

You will need an ADR (basically a reservation) for any sit down meal so call Disney and see what’s open on your date. Liberty Tree Tavern only has characters for dinner and Crystal Palace has characters all 3 meals. The toll free number is 1.877.939.3732.


Thanks! You guys should charge a fee for this info. It is invaluable.


:laugh: This is a hobby for most of us. I love helping people plan WDW trips, especially people who have never been or haven’t been in years.


I agree, the Magic Kingdom and go to Fantasyland first.


Definitely another vote for Magic Kingdom. You won’t be disappointed and there is more than enough to do in one day, no need to park hop. Have a great trip!


If you are going to stand in line to meet Mickey in Toontown, get there early! Mickey always has a line, but it’s worth it to see the joy on your little one’s face. DS was precious at his first Mickey meeting! I wouldn’t have missed it!


MK is the best choice. What day of the week do you plan to go? It will make a big difference in how much time you spend in line, from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more.


I’m just going to assume I’ll be spending 2+ hours in line based on the day of the week I’m attending the park. We arrive on a Friday at 8:30 am, which is the day I’m planning on going to SeaWorld (give or take 2 hours, we should be at the park, which is 2 minutes from our Hotel). And, we have the entire Saturday,which I was planning on using for Disney. And, the next day - Sunday, we have the TimeShare appt. dead smack in the middle of the day. :mad: And, we leave at noon on Monday.

Do you think showing up at Disney a little after opening on a Friday in July will be less hectic than getting there before opening on a Saturday?! I’m sure it’s not a large difference. But, you all would know better than me. Summertime Friday vs. Summertime Saturday, is there a difference?


I agree that with only one day and a 3-yr old, Magic Kingdom and Fantasyland first are a must. Also agree w/ the Crystal Palace character dining and then up to ToonTown. My DD loved it all last year when she was 2. One hint, they have a charcter meet building in ToonTown where you can meet three characters per wait in line, we did the princesses (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, & Snow White), can’t remember off hand what the other options were. Another hint, don’t forget the Peter Pan ride in Fantasyland, its kind of hidden around the corner from the rest of the rides/attractions.

Prezcatz Paul


We used the Unofficial Guides suggestions and never, not once, ever did we wait for a 2 1/2 hour line. Ever.


I know it doesn’t happen often but 2 years ago we were in MK on a Saturday in July (the 10th) and there was little to no wait for most rides. Always have a FastPass in your hand and that will cut your wait times for the most popular rides.


I second that. Grab a copy of the Unofficial guide and follow the touring plan in it.


Personally, I would go on Saturday and try to be there before rope drop. I’m not sure, as we have never done it, but maybe you can get a character breakfast early and then I think you can get into the park early. This would just save you the crowd rush, but even that helps. When we were there in Oct, we were in MK on Sat. and there were characters EVERYWHERE! DS loves Mickey, so standing in line for him was a must, but we made those decisions based on DS’s reactions/mood. He was just over 2 when we were there and he NEVER wound down, so we spent all day at the park and had a great time. Hit Fantasyland first and see Toontown. I highly recommend Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland, DS loves it!


I agree with everyone else. A full day at MK should be just right. There will be a lot for your 3 year old to take in at MK. Have a great time! :smile:


An added suggestion- try to change your timeshare appt. You will be there longer than you think, even if you don’t purchase.

For best touring, get to MK before it opens! And, of course, invest in the Unoffical Guide!


Sunday, May 25, 2003 was when we had to stand in line so long. I remember because we took our DD to WDW for her birthday that year.

Another time in November 2004, the attandance at MK was soooo heavy, the busses from the resorts had to wait to deliver guests (one of the WDW bus drivers informed us of this), when we took the water taxie from the Polynesian and saw how many people were just standing around waiting to get in a line, we took the water taxie back to our resort and went to another park that day. I can’t remember the day of the week this time. However, the next day very few guests were at MK.

One thing I learned from a Cast Member is that they can and will call the park you plan to go to and ask about the current crowd conditions.