One last free dining question


Does anyone know, or “think” if they announce this free dining;

Would it extened into October if you checked in on September 27?



In the past , if you checked in during the discount you got it through your stay. I’m not sure if this is still the case. This past year, they changed the room pricing, making different nights different prices. This might have effected the way discounts work. Would also like to know the answer to this one.


I think the answer is no. In the past, they did allow this but now they have really cracked down on it. To get a room discount or Free dining if it occurs you will need to be there for all the dates of the promotion. so if free dining is for the first 2 days, you would get those 2 days free but have to pay for the remaining days of your trip.


I have heard that you cannot extend it past the announced dates. This weekend, I heard some chatter that fee dining might be a thing of the past… has anyone else heard this?


The answer is no. Last year, the free dining period didn’t even last to the end of September and with the changes to the way rooms are booked, I wouldn’t expect any extension into October.


Do we think free dining will be announced in April? Keeping my fingers crossed . . .


The September discounts will be released next week, April 10 for the general public, April 7 for Disney VISA cardholders. I am about 99% sure it is free dining.

As in the past, as long as you check in during the dates it is offered, you can stay past the ending date of the offer, so if it is offered through September 27, you can check in September 27 and get the free dining for your stay.

I wrote a pretty lengthy article about the free dining this year, you can see it here:

Free Disney World Dining 2008


I hope! This would probrobly get the DW to go back.