One last time


GOOD LUCK to all the marathoners!!!


Indeed!! Best of the Zone to all our Runners! Drink plenty of water and may your sneakers be comfortable and fast!!


I can’t remember who else is running, but I have a message for ddoll -

You Go, Girl !!!


Good luck everyone!!! Have lots of fun, drink lots of water and don’t forget those carbs! :slight_smile:


Good luck!! You guys rock!


GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!! woop woop!




Run fast and have fun :mickey:

(and post a TR when you get home please!)


Run like the wind DC’ers!!! Good Luck! :flowers:


Hey, thank you guys! I’ll post my crossing the finish line photo for you when I get back (if it’s not too embarassing).

E&B’s Mom will know as soon as I cross the finish line. She’s on my list of notifications.


Yes, trip reports would be good! :wink:


OH yea… It is that time. My Aunt is running in the marathon this year. So good luck to her, and to all of y’all that are gonna be running.


I have to figure out how to track it from work. I did e-mail first, but realized that I was going to be at work and I can’t get to my personal e-mail from there. Then I tried the text message thing, but that didn’t work. I’m going to see if I can track it on-line somehow. If I can do it I’ll post it here.

ddoll, you’re my inspiration right now. I got back on my treadmill the other day!!! I’m going to get back to my running peak.


best of luck