One More Day Sweepstakes


I’ve been watching the list of winners for the sweepstakes and can’t figure out a pattern on the winners. They must be chosen by the same Pin Fairy that chooses pincodes. At the 1/2 way mark the first 25 winners are-
Arizona- 1
Georgia- 1
Idaho- 1
Indiana- 1
Kansas- 1
Maine- 1
Missouri- 1
North Carolina- 1
South Carolina- 1
Texas- 1
Utah- 1
Illinois- 2
New York- 2
Washington- 2
Florida- 3
California- 5

I could see CA & FL being up there but the real shocker is how low TX is. That’s a lot of people in that state.

Yep, i’m bored :laugh:


No one from Kentucky - they must be waiting until mine comes up! I wish =0)


That actually seems fairly evenly spread, doesn’t it?

But here’s what bugs me about the contest: The entry page with the celebrity videos. Because seriously? None of those people need to worry about an extra day- if they want it, they can take it, and likely get ushered in through the back door of anything they want. I’m sure they’re Disney fans, and I’m sure they have their favorite things to do–but let’s not pretend they’re just like anyone else, excited by the idea of being gifted with another day of vacation.


I still can’t get over the fact that TX only has one winner, ONE. That’s a really big state to have not gotten more. Even WA has two. And my beloved LA has none<sigh>. Oh well, i keep trying daily.


No one from PA either, guess they are waiting to pick me!


I was just going to say that.