One more food question


I am wondering where the best steak is at Disney. Thanks!!!


Most people here will say The Cellar, but Im partial to the Yachtsman Steakhouse. I do love being in the Yacht club, so that may color my opinion.


I’d second bribren with Yachtsman’s and add Shula’s to the list.
Sadly, Shula’s is not on any dining plan.
We’ve also had some decent filet mignon at Narcoossee’s and California Grill.
The loss of Concourse Steakhouse leaves a hole in recommendations.
Also keep your eye open for a return of the buffalo steak to Artist Point.
It’s years since I have even been able to get a reservation at le Cellier and I wonder if it might be over rated.


Yachtsman is really good – and if you are feeling adventurous, try the really excellent sweetbreads appetizer. WOW!

(And sweetbreads are NOT the same thing as Rocky Mountain Oysters, so don’t be concerned! They are nothing to make anyone squeamish!)


we had wonderful filet at narcooses and le celliers for new york strip


The best filet I’ve ever had was at CA Grill.


definitely le cellier


I haven’t eaten at Le Cellier but I can tell you that you get a fantastic steak at the Yachtsman :happy:


Le Cellier!!!


La Cellier and a hint for you. A LOONEY…Remember that if you go there.


couldn’t agree more. Love the steak there and the cheese soup…ohhhhhhh sooooooo gooooood.


YUM…the best meal on Disney Property for my family. :wub:


I have eaten at The Basement, er Cellar a few times and its good. I think its popularity is a product of the dining plan, especially the first incarnation of it. The Cellar offered great bang of the buck, as well as being the most “normal” meal in world showcase. During free dining, It was jammed. It seems to be full all the time now.

I remember a trip I took in 02 (I think) where I was trying to make a last minute PS from guest services in Epcot. The CM indicated that there was some availability at Nine Dragons, and plenty of room in the cellar. Now you can’t get near it.

Canada made a new territory recently right? You’ll need the name for the trivia. I couldn’t remember Prince Edward Island last time.


I would stay away from Le Cellier. Just like mentioned before, I think its popularity is stemmed from the “best bang for your TS credit”. I would try Yachtman’s or Narcossee’s or even Cali Grill. I had the Filet at the Cali Grill and it was melt in your mouth delicious. The filet I had at Le Cellier- was just a Filet.

Oh, and if they are serving Buffalo steak at Artist Point- I would go there in a heartbeat. Especially if you have never eaten Buffalo- IT IS DELICIOUS!!!


I definately vote for Shula’s for best Steak - the whole dining experience is great, especially for any football fan. Classy and fun!
If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative or something on the dining plan then I have to plug a home favorite, Le Cellier. Good value for the money.
And I’m not giving away any of the trivia answers! You’ll have to do a little research on your neighbours!! :happy:


We vote Le Cellier too!


California Grill & LeCellier by far!


My vote is definitely LE CELLIER:wub: Not just the steak but the cheese soup, the bread and the yummy desserts!!! Oh, look at that my whole mouth just filled with saliva:laugh:


thanks everybody!!


If your on the meal plan does the Yachtsman count for 2 sit down meals?