One more magic band question


So I leave in 45 days for the world:smile: This is our 5th trip in 8 years. I have all of my ADR planned, and all of my FP selections made…I look at them daily and wonder if i made the right choices. My question is, if I have FP for say, BTMR, and it’s raining during that hour and the ride is down, am I out of luck, or can we come back at a later time? I will be upset if I lose out on FP because of mother nature. Has anyone encountered this yet?

Thanks in advance!


No worries! If the ride is down during your FP window, come back any time later.


YAY! Thanks


Worst case, go to the park’s guest services office and explain.
You’ll be issued a new fast pass.


You can change the time if you have not used it yet.


They have cast members around the parks to help with magic band related issues and fast passes. You should be fine. :smile:


I just gotta say, when I look at my app now…and see the wait times 20 mins or less for most rides, I am impressed—and enthused that this magic band/FP+ thing may indeed be working well to keep the wait times down for stand by lines!!! I will wait 20 mins for a major ride or attraction that I want to do…and if it’s a low wait time, it means I can do both FP and standby!!! :smile:


We had a similar experience. . .Rockin’Rollercoaster went down during our fastpass time. . . we got notice on our smartphone and then you could visit anytime during the remainder of the day when/if the ride went back up. . .I didn’t need to see anyone, it was all generated automatically. it worked great!