One more PS suggestion please!


Okay…so DBF and I have made an outline of places that we want to eat while were at WDW…Counter Service and Table Service alike. The Table Service rest. that I have mentioned below we already have PS’s at…but we want to add one more…possibly for a lunch…I have divided them up by park or resort…and we are going for 8 days! So feel free to suggest any PS rest. you think I should NOT miss…or even counter service rest.

Magic Kingdom
El Pirata y el perico (if it’s open)
Casey’s (it’s a tradition)
Pescos Bills (another tradition)

Mexican Cantina
Rose and Crown


Animal Kingdom
Flame Tree Bar B Que

Hoop Dee Doo
Chef Mickey’s
Earl of Sandwhich
Wolfgang Puck Express (for DBF-- he loves it…)


Your choices so far look great! Have you tried 50’s PT? We have had very good luck there, good food and fun. Are you open to a resort restaurant? What about 'Ohana?


I have thought about 50’s PrimeTime but–while DBF loves the idea–I am not one for people telling me what to do while I am eating.
We’ve tried "ohana…and it was OK…but we want to try new stuff


Do you like sea food?


50’s Prime Time is fun, and they’re pretty good at reading their customers. If your server sees that you’d rather be left alone, he’ll most likely comply.

In addition, I really like Boma, and am excited to try Whispering Canyon Cafe and Le Cellier during my upcoming trip. We’re also trying the prix fixe lunch at Les Chefs de France – three courses (including a raved-about caramel creme brulee) for $14.99.


Whispering canyon is great!! Also Crystal palace is really good too!!


Does CP do their character meal at night?


DBF is really hopeful about 50’s PrimeTime…so I have a feeling we may have to do one there too…(but keep suggesting bc if we have to go there i’ll still want another PS)…do you think lunch there would be good?


Yes, the characters are there for dinner.


ok–this is my thread so i’ll post 16 times in a row if i want too!

DT—aren’t you a fan of the Plaza Rest? How’s that? Can you eat there for dinner as well as lunch?


lunch at 50’s is great – and cheaper than dinner! And CP does the character meals all day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


crap…ive always wanted to go there…but DBF refuses to eat dinner with Winnie the Pooh…he’s not a fan…although i think it would be a lot of fun


I think lunch at 50’s would be a great compromise.


LOL–“DBF refuses to eat dinner with Winnie the Pooh” that just sounds so funny to read.

We really like the Plaza Restaurant at MK. The menu is limited but it is such a nice little restaurant with great service.


One restaurant that is often overlooked, but is a great deal, as well as NEVER being busy is the Marrakesh in Morrocco. The food is really good - not too exotic at all, the desserts are wonderful, the belly dancer is very cool and the servers have to be some of the nicest at WDW. The mint tea is so soothing. I could drink it all night. There’s never a problem getting a PS and the restaurant is really beautiful. My absolute favourite at Epcot is LeCellier - but if you walk over to the Boardwalk, Spoodles is a very good choice too.

The Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club is good too, if you’re looking for a buffet.

For a quick lunch - (I know, we’re doing sit-down restaurants) - but do not miss the Earl of Sandwich. Soooo gooood!


I forgot to add that to my list! I love EoS!


What about the Portobello at DTD? Merlin Matt always loves it there.
If you like seafood, the Cape May Cafe’ Clam Bake was great for us.


ESPN is a great option for lunch or dinner if you or he are into sports.

I love to recommend Sci-Fi and 50’s PT at the studios.

And Wispering Canyon is a great choice too.


How about the hollywood &vine at MGM. It is a buffet with something to please everyone, even the pickiest eater. And the desserts are great! We always get the fantasmice package here-reserved seats for the show with no waiting.


so DBF has somehow talked me into adding 50’s PrimeTime…even though I am really not looking forward to it too much. Now I need one more! And it will either fall on a MK or AK day…so suggestions anywhere in or around those two parks would be appreciated! I do realize that I am being a pain in the butt…but here are a list of places that i dont want to make a PS at:
Crystal Palace (read above–dbf + winnie the pooh does not = love)
'Ohana (we’ve tried it…we thought it was ok a little dissapointed…we want to try somewhere else)
Tony’s (I’ve heard not so good things)