One more week until Disneyland!


I’m just a week away from going to Disneyland!! I have all my paperwork ready to go: disney voucher from give a day, get a day, my hotel reservation paper, pretty girl’s vaccination records and printed directions in case GPS gives me a hard time!! i have my disneyland book ready to pack, too!!
i also have two gift cards that’ll pay for my CA ticket so this trip is going to be the least inexpensive trip ever!! i’ll have enough on one gift card to pay for food after i use both to pay for my CA ticket!! i’m so excited!!!


Printed directions? Do they say, “Stay on I5. Get off on Disneyland Drive.”? :laugh: (Far less complicated than WDW.)

Have fun- although the idea of Memorial Day crowds scare me silly!


thanks andrea. i have to look at the printed directions to see what they say. it was a while that i printed them out.

i did buy one of those 5 hour energy shots to keep me awake for the drive since i plan on leaving my house at 5 A.M.