One Year Anniversary!


WOW! I cant believe its already been a year since the 50th Anniversary began! So, does anyone have any memorable moments, cherished times, or stories they would like to share, etc?
I will start with mine. I will honestly have to say my most cherished memory of the 50th was opening day on May 5, 2005, it was SUCH a blast! :happy: :mickey:


My favorite memory was when we walked around the corner of the train station at WDW, and saw the castle for the first time all decorated for the anniversary! Then getting to walk right up to it and see the decorations up close! When we actually walked through the castle and saw the mosaics on the walls inside, that was very special! It was the very first time we had been in the castle! Hard to believe, but true! I don’t remember ever doing this back in the 70s when I was a child! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :happy:


We went about a week later. The park was fairly uncrowded… and I got to see those fireworks. I love the 50th fireworks soooooo much. They’re just perfect. :wub: :wub: :wub:


One year ago today I was at the Disney/MGM Studios, and the CM at the gate told me that I was there on a historic day, so I should save all the souveniers of the day!


I think my favorite memory was setting a goal to see all the special celebration shows and rides, and the parades too. I’ve been to WDW quite a few times, and I’ve NEVER seen all of the parades, let alone on one trip.

One kinda funny memory was when my now DH and I were waiting for Cinderellabration at like 4pm I think? I just looked at the castle the whole time before the show, pointing out characters like a little kid. Well, the sun wasn’t really out, so that was good (this was in July mind you) but DH and I decided we wanted to sit down. Well after our behinds met the ground, they quickly jumped back up within a few seconds. I had to empty my backpack of all the breakable things, so I could sit on it, and I laid out one or two of the park maps for him to sit on. It was all good though, because we shared one of those half cherry/half rasberry smoothies.

I was just scrapbooking my pics of the castle last night. I really love the gold on the castle and I’m so glad I’ll get to see it again before they may take it down.


Our whole trip in December was magical! Not only did we get to celebrate Disneyland’s 50th, but we took my Mom for a surprise trip for her 50th!

Just seeing all of the extra decorations and trying to find my pictures that I submitted for the Happiest Faces on Earth (I only found one) was great. The fireworks were amazing though! I totally teared up during them…how perfect!


Yes, the fireworks are so amazing! I also saved all of my May 5th park maps (I grabbed like 10 of them, haha) and I also saved the events slip, and the special 50th anniversary edition merchandise bags etc etc, it was so amazing. :smile:


My 50th birthday at Disneyland last June.