Online ADR help


Ok, is it just me or is there something kooky going on with the online dining reservations? I can not get it to work. Any hints or tricks to loading the page? I have tried it early in the day, late in the day, and late at night. What am I missing?:huh:


We’ve had the same problem and we found it happened when we were using Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Very frustrating until we decided to try IE!


Hmm, I wondered if that might be the case. I just tried it on my cell phone and it loaded no problem. I will try IE now. :happy:


It seems that The Mouse and Firefox are having a tiff.:laugh:


Well, we do know how foxes feel about mice.:ph34r:



Hope you are able to get all of the ADR’s you want. We were very lucky with ours:happy: All set and can’t wait to get there!


OMG!! Just saw your countdown!!! HOORAY!~!!!


Oh I have all the ones I want, but of course DH had to throw in his two cents, so now I am trying to see if we can do some shuffling.


I was gonna say.! I thought you’d left it to the last minute:blink::laugh:


I know! Hooray!! I am beside myself. :happy:

It was firefox! IE worked like a charm.


Sounds like you need to upgrade Firefox. I was having an issue and realized that my autoupdate was not working.


I did that, it still didn’t work. When I switched to IE, I had no issues. Every now and then I find that Firefox will hang me up. Not sure why.


[QUOTE=lovemysons;1083688]I know! Hooray!! I am beside myself. :happy:

It was firefox! IE worked like a charm.[/QUOTE]