Online ADR problems


Anybody having problems making online ADRs? I hit the button to confirm the res and i get the “please wait while we complete your request” banner, but it never goes away. I don’t get a confirmation number or a confirmation email. If I hit back, and make a fresh reservation request for the same time, it tells me I already have a reservations, shows the time of the previous reservation, and asks if I want to cancel the old reservation or keep both the old and new one, yet, like I said, I never received a confirmation number or email.

One time today I have gotten all the way through getting the confirmation number followed by a confirmation email, and being able to add a “celebration” to the reservation. Every other attempt has stopped at the "please wait… " banner.

Any ideas? :blink:


The same thing happened to me two days ago… I clicked on the option to cancel and keep the “new” one. I did eventually get a confirmation e-mail.


this thread on another board shows you’re not the only one having problems with booking adrs online:

Trouble Booking ADRs today


I never did get a confirmation email on any of the ones for which it said I already had a reservation.


I made a few last week with no problems and did get email confirmation and they show up as my reservations on the Disney website. Perhaps it was a glitch or too many people were reserving that day.


I was just able to make one reservation and then a few minutes later the system started acting up.


I was lucky and didn’t have any problems at all thank goodness. I wonder if maybe when there is alot of traffic on the site and it just can’t cope? Hope it’s sorted for you real soon, keep trying.