Online Check in is DONE!


YES! I completed online check in this morning! OH YEAH!!! AKL-Conceirge here we come next week! I’m in desperate need of a vacation!


YAY!!! Congrats to you!! Enjoy that much-needed vacation :slight_smile:


Enjoy. Never did club level, but love the resort. :happy:


Can’t wait to hear your reviews with Club Level. I’m waitlisted for it right now, so hoping it will come through.


I’m excited to do the online check in this next visit—i do it for the airlines, why not for the resort! :slight_smile:


OMGosh, concierge. I want to do that at Disney just once.
Enjoy your trip
Don’t forget to take the camera!


Congratulations! Its so close now! Enjoy every second!


How about swinging down towards the coast and drag a lost soul along for the ride. I need a break.:laugh:


Only 8 days away! Congrats on the concierge level at AK,that is awesome!!


I’m looking forward to hearing how your experience checking in is since you did online check in, so please post upon your return. :happy:


This is our third time using online check in. We love it! It has made things so much simpler for us, just pick up the keys and go.


—so does this mean you can’t request a certain building? I am asking because usually when we check into POFQ they have us already booked into a great room location, however they always show me on the map and ask if that is ok with me.

—if you just pick up the keys, then the room is already assigned? I guess I need to make my request known ahead of time then…:slight_smile:


Yes the room is already assigned. Our room all three times has been ready when we arrived usually around 10AM-noon. (I really hope that I didn’t just jinx that). Any requests really should be made ahead of time. We rarely make any special requests so it doesn’t effect us much.


Have a great time!