Online check in pros and cons


We are arriving at SSR in a week and would like to know if the online checkin is worth it. What are pros and cons, we have never done this. Thanks in advance.


I know that every time, except for the last trip, we have avoided a line by using it. If it is a slow season, it really makes no difference. Unless of course a large group arrives just before you do.


…I think it took the same amount of time to get our roomkey/tickets and get going last summer when we checked in online as it normally did…

I think it depends on when you arrive—it’s one of those things you just don’t know ahead of time…


It’s really luck of the draw if the on-line checkin line is better or not. The concept is there, that everything is already done, but you can’t count on that guest, who has 10,000 questions and request changes, etc. I think the benefit of checking in online is room availability. Seems like every time I do that, my room is available. Just seems to me pattern wise, you have a better chance of getting into your room sooner.


I guess if you have no questions, don’t care about which area of the resort you are staying and there are lots of people in line, it’s good. For me, I always want to exactly where the room is (we always stay in DVC properties so we’ve learned what we like and what we want to avoid), before accepting it. Yes, you can call me a prima dona.


I am actually doing it now…pending the website not giving me issues like it has been. I just like to do it for peace of mind. Plus, its one more Disney activity I get to do before the trip!


Prima Dona llama. There… ya happy?:laugh::laugh:


I’ve used 3x. 2 of the 3 were wonderful, room was ready just grabbed keys and went. 3rd time I didn’t like our room location so I just had to take some time to ask for it to be changed.


Why yes…yes I am.:closedeye:laugh:


For us it wouldn’t save us any time. I’ve never had to wait in line to check in at Beach Club (or Wilderness Lodge or Pop) so it wouldn’t save time. Like llama, I also like to know where our room is so I want the option of not holding up the “express line” to ask about other options.


Ever since joining DVC we have used on-line check-in. It is very easy and as some others have said, our room has always been ready for us. I usually have everything buttoned up by the time we arrive so we never have any questions and the whole process is quick and easy. I almost feel bad for not having any questions. For us it is like an express check-in. Now for those who have many, many questions, it can get irritating for those behind you. But, for us, we like it.


They call her Llama, Llama, the Prima Donna
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[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1135648]They call her Llama, Llama, the Prima Donna
Broke my heart now.
Thinks she’s smart now.
We’re apart now.[/QUOTE]

OK - is it totally scary that I know that was sung by Dion? And that I know all the words? And that I probably had the “45”? God I’m so old! :pinch:

And yes, yes I am a prima dona. And I’m lovin’ it.


We like on-line check in: get in; get out; get happy.


Pros: Everything is done is advance - you just pick up your packet.

Cons - none


with the exception of last year when we went to weekend AOA opened and the resort was booked solid, we’ve ALWAYS had our room ready and waiting for us:) it was especially nice when we did our 1 night at blt. we got there at 8am and made the most of the room as it was FREEZING that weekend!


Ok thanks everyone! One more question…with DVc can you request a room change if you don’t like your location? I’ve never done this before


When you check in, they will show you the location of your room on the resort map. If you don’t like where it is located, you can ask them to change the location, they will try their best to accommodate you. When you check in on-line there is a section where you can make a request for room accommodatins.


Yes, as long as you do it before you use the room. I believe they can charge you if you use the room and housekeeping has to remake it.


That makes sense. Thanks for the help.