Online check-in through travel agent?


Does anyone know if you are still able to check-in online when your reservation was booked through a travel agent? We are within our 10-days for online check-in (single digit dance, yippee:laugh:) but when I try to check-in online it keeps telling me…“we are unable to pull up your reservation at this time, please try again later”.


i was wondering the same thing… we are farther out then ten days. but we booked thru a travel agent also… also wehn you register online how to you know it worked…


I just asked my travel agent the same thing just the other day. He said the confirmation number he gave me should work just fine. I’m no where close to my 10 days, so I’ll have to wait and see if it works or not. The confirmation number did pull up my reservation when I made my ADRs, so I know it is connected with Disney’s system.


Maybe the system is just having trouble today. My reservation number is recognized but it is still unable to retrieve my reservation “at this time”. Frustrating. I was looking forward to checking in and being one step closer to the Mouse!!


Okay, just have to update here.
I started this thread a year ago when online check-in was new and I couldn’t get it to work. Turns out that because we booked through a travel agent, I couldn’t check in online.

However, this year we booked online ourselves and I was thrilled to be able to use the online check-in service! I checked-in last night, it worked great, now hopefully all will go smoothly when we get there! Can’t wait!!


Yeah when you book thru a travel agent it’s a whole different number


On that same note…new for us this year: we flew with southwest which makes the pre-check-in thing even more important due to the way they board. (and they are not one of the airlines that you can check you luggage and print passes at the resort) Stayed at Bay Lake Tower in February…thought i would have to ask the concierge to print my boarding passes for me for our return trip…BUT found out there is a PRINT POD there. SO easy to print boarding passes for free at the kiosk in the lobby. Love it!


We were able to check in online in December even though we booked through a travel agent. We just had to get the confirmation number from her.


Not that there was any doubt…but I confirm this. And if someone has trouble and a nice agent, the agent can do the online check in for you.