Online Check in?


I saw it was reported that in Jan online check in would begin.

"Starting January 2009, you will be able to do online check-in to your Disney resort.

This new service will streamline actual resort check-in. The service will be available at Walt Disney World Resort hotels as well of Disney Vacation Club resorts.

A welcome folder with your Key to the World Card will be waiting for you at the designated Online Check-in area at the resort. You will need to present photo ID to pick up the packet and complete your check-in.

Online check-in will be available 10 days in advance of your stay through your arrival day.

If you made your reservations via or through the Disney Reservation Center, you will receive an email notifying you of this new program.

For Disney Vacation Club members who booked through Member Services, you will receive information via the website, Disney Files magazine and Member Services."

Well, I eagerly checked my e mail this morning for an e mail from DVC, but all I got was the standard one telling you about Welcome Home Wednesdays, Tour the resort, etc.

Has anyone been able to online check in yet??


I was just reading that yesterday. It’s pretty cool acutally. I can’t wait to hear how it works out.


It doesn’t start until Feb 11.


Figures. Thanks for the info!!


dang! that’s going to be cool! how do I get the DVC member E-mail I haven’t received any yet. I just became a member though does that matter?


Any word on how that might affect a room preference?:confused:


That should definitely cut down on the lines at the front desk. I’m sure Disney sees at as a cost saving measure because they may not need as many people working at the front desk if the online check in goes smoothly…


Anyone got to use the online check yet? :blow:


it’s February 23, I guess it’s now going to be early March instead of late February :crying: :pirate:


IT’S THERE!!!:eek: While checking this morning to my surprise the online check-in section appeared in “My Disney Vacation” on Walt Disney World Resort web site.

But I was expecting more, we don’t get to request a room but only room options and from past experience at the resorts they are not gathering enough information. There is also no section for special requests. :blink:


I just looked and didn’t see it on the DVC Member site though…maybe because it’s just over 10 days for me?


Awesome! Thanks for the update. This will help with our short weekend trips, no time wasted checking in . . . just straight to the parks! :happy:

Even though I’m at 9 days it says I have to wait until tomorrow? So I’ll try then!


I used Online Check-in today to check-in for our March 7 stay at BWV. It was easy, painless, and trouble-free. I’m interested to see if it’s just as easy, painless and trouble-free when we show up on March 7.


I can’t wait to hear how this works for you Mike.
Let us know.


I won’t be able to do this since I booked through a travel agent. I even asked him if I could put my CF# into WDW website with their phone number. He said not right now but would let me know if he heard anything. Think he said they were working on the issue?


Where on the DVC site was it? Just curious as to where to look in a few days if I decide to try it out…


When you “View Vacation Details”, you’ll see each scheduled vacation. You’ll see “Enter/edit Check-in information” after the vacation, but before the “Enter Celebrations information”.


I just did ours a couple of days ago for our March 4th trip and I have to say I am also interested to see just how much quicker it makes the wait when we get to our hotel.


Great thanks! Right now I just have the Enter Celebrations Information so I guess it’ll appear in a few days.


Any word yet on whether you can still request a certain room when you arrive, even if you use online check in?