Online check-in


Looking for any information regarding “online” check-in. We are doing the “single-digit dance” as of tomorrow & I’m considering it. I would like to know the pros & cons from people who’ve done it already. :confused:


I think it’s a pro!

Shorter line, package waiting, keys printed. You show them your ID, they show you your room, done! :happy:

I’ve been in the “key printer is jammed this will take a few more minutes” line before. I like that it’s all ready to go for me.


just do it lol i have not done it yet as it’s been 4 years since i have been back to the greatest place on earth. but i will do online when i get to come back next aug. lol


We did it. When we walked in we were sent to a short line. We were in and out in no time


We did it for our last trip, because we were told that the check in line was crazy. But that wasn’t the case. We walked right up to a regular window(the online check in person wasn’t at the desk) and got our package after showing my ID. I had my hands full with a baby and 4 yr old, they gave the 4 yr old some stickers and coloring stuff. IMO it didn’t save that much time because the regular check in area was pretty dead, maybe shaved off a couple of mins.


We did it for our last trip. We stay at FW so we just drove up and they gave us our package with all the info and our keys


When we were just at Pop, the regular line was pretty long and only one person ahead of us for online check-in. I’d recommend it, we were even able to change our room - it isn’t like you pick up info without seeing a CM…


I was very skeptical about this until I read into it further. Seems to be a good plan. you are checked in and ready to go once you go there and show your ID…half the wait time and you still have the ability to change rooms if you are unhappy with your room assignment. I made sure to have my building preference noted on my reservation and am hoping that is enough to get something close to what I want. I may try this in August. I am going to wait and read about more experiences to decide for sure.


We have done it 3 times. It works great. Just do it.


We sailed right through. No problems. We will do it again next time. :slight_smile:


So glad to read all these wonderful reports about Online check-in---- we’ve only got 3 days to go- I can hardly stand it!!!- & I checked us in online earlier today- hopefully it will be super easy! Thanks!!


I just checked in online yesterday because we are not planning on arriving to VWL until around 7PM and we have an 8:30 adr at Ohana. I am hoping this makes the check-in process a lot quicker so we are not rushing to our adr.


how fare out an you check in?

and were do i find it on the site?:confused:


I believe its 10 days out, and if you go to your reservation online, you will find the link for it there.


thanks for the info:cool:


I’ve been debating doing this and think I’ll go ahead with it.

3DisneyDivas, we arrive on the same day! Maybe we’ll see you around (and probably won’t even know it)!


We did it this summer at the Grand Floridian, it was great. Walk up and everything was there waiting on us. Our room wasn’t ready yet so they took down my cell, took our bags back in storage, and sent us on to the park. We got back a few hours later after receiving a page on the phone that our room was ready and came in to see our bags already waiting on us and a nice welcome picture of Mickey and champagne for our anniversary! Definitely recommend the online checkin!


We did it at AKL and WL in the summer. It was very fast however at AKL there were things missing out of our package that nothing about the dinning plan. I also wanted our anniver buttons. WL had a much better package and the CM at the front desk was more engaging. I would do it again in a heart beat. WL had a very long line and we just by passed the entire thing.


I just did it and it was a breeze!! Now let’s hope everything is alright!! 9 more days!!:laugh:


I will be doing it tommorrow as I leave in 11 days! =)