Online Check-In


How many of you use the online check-in? Pro’s or con’s? Also, we are at ASMo and this is our first resort stay. Because I got such a great deal we went with a standard, so I am def. going to check on a complimentary upgrade (if possible) when we check in OR at least a ground floor room. Should I still do online check-in? Thanks.


We’ve used it and found it to be a good experience. No lines for us, which we loved!


I use it for our last four trips. Three out of four times I would have been waiting in a very long line had I not used on line.


I have never tried online check in because I don’t think it would save us time. I have never waited in a line to check in, we have always just walked up to a CM and were done in a few minutes.


I’ve used on-line check the last three times we’ve gone. I think it’s great! The first time I used the on-line check in, there wasn’t any lines at the resort, but since they had all our information, the check in was quicker. The last two times we went, there were lines at the regular check-in but no one on line for the on-line check in. Which saved us a lot of time!


I wondered about this, also, in terms of the room assignment. On one of our trips, we did not receive the building that I had requested. But when I discussed it with the CM, she was able to change it and get us the building we wanted. I wondered if online check-in would make it more difficult to make a change or get an upgrade (I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything to limit my chances for that!:blush:)


The last time we went I used the online checkin and when we got there the room we requested was no where near the one we got. I talked to the CM an was able to get it changed into the on that I had requested.


We’ve used it the last several times we’ve gone and it saved us time each time. The regular check in line was always long. I think it depends on what time you’re getting there, too, though. We seem to always arrive earlier in the day, so there are probably a lot of people trying to check in at the same time.

If you want to request a certain room, call the resort directly within 10 days of your arrival time and they will note it on your reservation. If you call before that, they won’t have your ressie in the system yet. They can’t always accommodate, but they’ve always been able to when I do it this way.


In the two times I’ve tried on-line checkin, it took longer for me. At BLT, the line for on-line checkin was much longer than the regular line, and for AKL, we were first in line for on-line, but there were no cm’s available for it. They were all helping the regular check in line. After about a five minute wait, the greeter walked behind the counter and helped us seeing no cms would walk over to our line.


I liked the on-line check in process. If you have a room request, be sure to call your travel agent or central reservations and have that noted on your actual reservation. There wasn’t the ability to do that on the online check in form when I did that. I like going there and just showing ID and being done with it. Everything was waiting for me. The only downside I could imagine would be getting a room you didn’t want and having to go back through the line to ask for another room.


I think there are two similar threads running, here’s my answer same as the other thread:

Unfortunately, I have to say that I am no longer a promoter of this service, though I wish I had better experiences to still support it.

Last year we used it while checking into POFQ. We walked right in, no line-up, rooms were ready and request of connecting rooms was granted. I was extremely happy with the service.

However, the next three check-ins did not go so well. My DF and DM went to POR last November, and when they got there, they were lined up at the online check-in forever, with only one CM working, while they watched everyone else in the regular check-in line pass through and numerous CMs working. Finally, they left the online check-in line and went through the regular check-in line.

Our trip this April included two check ins, one at POR, then for our second week at BC. At POR, we were second in line to one CM checking everyone in. The people ahead of us had a problem with their reservation and it took a while to resolve, then we got up there and our connecting room request was not granted, so it took forever to switch rooms. Meanwhile the line behind us had grown, yet everyone that we arrived with who went through the regular check-in line was done. There were approx 4 CMs at the regular line and again only one CM at the online check-in.

When we checked into the BC, we were helped right away, no waiting this time, however, our room request of connecting rooms was not granted so we had to wait while they changed rooms again.

I think online check-in is a great idea, but I don’t think Disney is prepared enough for it. I’m not sure that I would use it next time.


We’ve never used on line check in because we like doing the check in ourselves when we first get to the resort- silly I know, but to us its like sigh we’re finally here! and those long long lines? well we get there eventually!


We’ve used it twice, once at Pop and the other at OKW. Both experiences were great and room was ready each time and we arrived around noon each time. We will use it again in Oct/Nov.


Loved it - mainly cause our cm at the online check in counter was amazing


We’ve used it 3 times and were very happy with it. I never had room requests so that wasn’t an issue. It was just nice walking up to the counter and giving my name and then was handed my packet and I was on my way! I wonder why the online checkin lines would be so long - the whole idea is that everything is already taken care of for you.

But in my experience I would recommend it and will be using it again tomorrow :blush:!


I wouldn’t use anything but OCI. Took us less than a minute. There was already someone checking in when we arrived at POFQ and the concierge waved us over and had us on out way to the room in less than a minute.


We have never experienced more than a 5 minute wait for the online check in area. And during that 5 minute wait, the line for the regular check in had to be at least 30 minutes or so… Maybe 25 minutes at best.

We LOVE it and the only problem we ever had was that a computer went down so they couldn’t give us a parking pass right away. But that had nothing to do with online check ins…

Give it a shot!


My exact experience at FQ last trip. It really was a great experience.