Online checkin confusion


So we are just a few days from our trip and I haven’t a thing packed but that’s another thought. I went to do the online check in for our second part of our trip - BCV. We had waitlisted that part and got the days in three different waitlists. A three day chunk, 1 day, 1 day. So the WDW site had us down with the same reservation number but it had us down as room 1, room 2, room 3 with the correct dates. And room requests for each room. AND it asked what time do we expect to check in on Dec 3 and what time we are going to check out on Dec 4. Ummm, I wasn’t expecting to check out until Dec 8 and I wasn’t planning on switching rooms. This calls for a call to MS. And 45 mins later a very nice CM got things straightened out. Almost. So they got the reservation booked as one room, but they had to cancel and rebook to do it. Now for some reason, 14 points went into holding and he said that can be fixed but it will take a few days. So I hoping it will be all ok, when we get back.

Now onto packing. Usually I am mostly packed by now, but I had a bit of a health scare (it’s a small problem and will wait until we get back, but when a nurse says “you’ll have to come in to discuss options”, I thought my trip was not going happen). Then grandkids for several days, Thanksgiving and now here we are, four days from now we will be in disney world. Guess it time to start that packing.


Hope everything works out with you health problem, have a great trip and can’t wait to read your TR and see your pictures.


We did 3 nights in a studio at the BCV and 6 nights in a 1BR. We had to change rooms obviously, but that was the easy part. On moving day, we had bell services hold our bags - but went through 3 key changes trying to sort things out.

First set was wrong, second set failed to include the park tickets, etc.

Every CM we spoke to about the change gave us a different story of how it would happen. From getting new keys under the door on change day, reusing same cards, new cards at new check in, and so on. :blink: