Online Dining Reservation System


The below link is to the news about the long awaited online dining reservations system…looks pretty cool!

Disney World Online Dining Reservation System


It looks like it will be really neat! I can’t wait to try it (but I won’t be making dining reservations until October :sad: )


It looks really good. I would love to see it up and running soon. I can make my ADR’s on June 10. Maybe it will be up for us regular folks by then.


I can make mine on June 12th. I actually would be calling to make ours just to make sure everything is correct.


I made my ADRs yesterday morning. However, there is one ADR I would still like to make. This would be a great tool for me to regularly check to see if and when 'Ohana opens up without having to call, wait on hold, and answer 40 questions.


I really really really hope this system works!!


It looks awesome! I will probably use it next time I go just to try it…but they should pipe Disney music in through the site…that’s my favorite part of calling WDWDINE.


Looks great I am so excited to use it!


Looks pretty easy to use. I’m guessing that online ADRs would be available at all hours, so no more setting the alarm for early, early on “ADR Call Day.”


Wow, this looks great. I hate calling long distance, sitting on hold (although I do enjoy the music) and answering all the how many times have you been to disney, what is your address, blah blah blah

Hopefully this will work well!


Well I guess the author’s thought that it would be working on May 26th was optimistic.


Looks pretty cool. Hopefully the system will work smoothly.


Frankly, I don’t look forward to this system being offered. The ADR system has been crashing regularly and that’s the system online reservations would be tied to. I don’t think I’m ready to put my meals in the hands of my computer. Besides, as a DVC member, I understand that at this point, our reservation confirmation numbers aren’t recognized by the online system. I’m sure that will be changed before it goes public, but I think I’m just going to make my ADRs by phone. That will also help someone keep their job.