Online dining reservations


If I do online reservations can I book all of our meals at the 90 day window from the date of check in or do I have to wait to do each day at the 90 days prior. I know if you call you can do the entire stay, but not sure with online!


You can do the whole thing 90 days from check in, but you MUST have a reservation in a Disney O&O hotel. Otherwise, you’re treated as a day tripper, in which case, you have to make reservations one day at a time.


ITS not working for me this morning, I can not get past today’s date, it won’t let me, even with my reservation number. Grrrrrr…


Do it the old fashion way and call it in…you can listen to the on-hold music:heart:


Probably off by a day due to a month with 31 days.


Well I was on the phone and online and the same time, but I managed to get everything done over the phone. 62 minutes on the phone, but I did it! :))


Same thing happened to me but was able to complete over the phone for our October trip. Took around 30 minutes though. At least you got your reservations.


Yup! That’s what I thought. I didn’t care how long it took, I was getting it done today.:happy:


I honestly am not even going to bother with this online thingy…I kinda like calling. Something tells me that their system is going to be faster than the online one too. they will be able to check more options and alternatives faster than we can load the dang things on the screen wasting time and spots…yeah old fashioned call for me at 7am on the day my window opens.


when we go in december - we have 16 people…they don’t let you do that many online, so i have no choice but to call. what i think is unfair is that the online people get an hour advantage…i am sure the more popular spots get booked even befor the callers have a chance to call in…


Dana you should try the online . . . it’s AWESOME! You can put in time ranges and it give you alternate options . . . it’s REALLY fast and easy. Best part is you get an email with all your confirmations typed up. Print and go!! Trust me once you try it you’ll like it! :happy:


It didn’t work that way for me. I was really looking forward to using it, but it was a pain, you had to keep going back out to pick restaurants, it was actually easier to do it over the phone. It also didn’t let me pick date ranges, it kept defaulting to yesterday’s date. I am going to try it today, to see if it is any better. I was disappointed to say the least.


Really? I’m sorry to hear that! :frown:

I used it about 1 month ago to make dining for my Nov trip . . . it was so easy!


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;989864]Really? I’m sorry to hear that! :frown:

I used it about 1 month ago to make dining for my Nov trip . . . it was so easy![/QUOTE]

I know, I had such high hopes. It doesn’t really matter, I guess, in the end I got my adrs. I just wanted folks to know that its not without its glitches.:redface:


I just did 10 reservations for October in one shot and it was OK. I pretty much got what I wanted in the time ranges I wanted. Of course, I booked Le Cellier at the 92 day mark just to nail that down before I couldn’t get anything, but that one wound up being 4:20 instead of 7 PM (or even 6 PM), but I can make it work.
When making the other 10 at 55 days out, it worked well enough, but there were some strange instances where I made the reservation and got only a blank screen. However, if I backed up several pages and checked my cart at that point, I found that my reservation was made. This happened 3 times. Another anomaly was trying for a certain time and being told that the system was down, but changing my desired time would work perfectly.
One little problem though. My Le Cellier reservation is not connected to the other 10, so I’m going to have to call and get a verbal confirmation, even though I have gotten an e-mail confirmation.
The whole process did seem to take a little longer than I’d expected, but the phone call probably would have taken around the same time, plus I was able to do all this between 11:15 PM and midnight, which is after the phone line closes.


When I did my online reservations I had to make the reservation daily… if you call you can do them all at once


Sounds like there are a lot of glitches . . . bummer, I was so excited for it to be the next best thing! Disney has always had problems with their website . . . that thing is a MONSTER! :laugh::laugh:


Update: I just decided to call and verify with a human and all 11 reservations are there including Le Cellier.
I did try to see if there was any availability for Chef Mickey’s and for Tusker House for breakfast, but of course there’s nothing.
I just don’t understand why Donald’s Safari Breakfast is so much more popular than Breafastosaurus was and yet I can easily get 'Ohana for breakfast.


Did you have your room reservation made yet? If you have a room reserved, you can book 90 days from your arrival and then for the entire length of your stay up to 10 days. If you do not join your dining reservations to a hotel reservation, you would be forced to make reservations one day at a time for 90 from the day you’re making your reservations for. On the other hand, if you’re inside 80 days or less, you should have been able to book everything on line at once.
As I posted earlier, I made all but one reservation in one shot about 55 days out.

I don’t really like it (the web site in general). It’s Flash based for starters.
Also site navigation often is not straightforward. Too many clicks to get from here to there and often you find yourself in a dead end and have to back out.
I find the official website to be a pain in the posterior:glare:


Yes, this is what was happening to me. I entered my reservation number, but it would not allow me to book more than one day.