Online Dining Reservations


When making online dining reservations when does a new day open. For example tomorrow is the 180 day mark for December 4th. Will reservations open for the fourth at midnight or at 7am?


I was told 6am of day 180 online, 7am by phone.


Apparently I am arriving shortly after you, so don’t take mine :angry:

Just kidding.


[QUOTE=Big Al;1134458]Apparently I am arriving shortly after you, so don’t take mine :angry:

Just kidding.[/QUOTE]

I’ll save you some room! :laugh:


I may be mistaken, but you should be able to make all your ADRs for your stay on the 180th day. You dont have to do each day separately. I learned that the hard way lol


Diney Fan was right. I hit day 180 to my arrival date, and was able to access online reservations for all the dates of my entire stay. Got O’Hana, which my DW REALLY wanted to try, for our final evening. Hope it’s a great way to cap off the trip.


Keep checking because times and days do open up. We really got everything we wanted by checking. Have fun and enjoy.


You are suppose to be able to access it right at midnight…supposedly. I have yet to get that to work and still call everything in as they can bring up multiple things at a time and I cannot without using two computers which is a waste of time for me.

You are able to book reservations for up to 10 days of your vacation starting on the 180th before you check-in.


Was booking our meals last night and it was glitching out constantly. Different days were available for different restaurants. Played around with it enough until Be Our Guest opened up. Everything else is just gravy now.