Online dining ressies--WARNING


We just returned from our adult trip to WDW and just thought I’d let everyone know that the two ressies I booked online did NOT show up on my print out from the conceige desk at Kidani or did it show up on their computers at all!! Yet it did show up when I showed up at the podium of the restaurant!!

Just a warning to those who also have their ressies printed out for them at the conceige desk of their hotel…


oh dear…so did you have print-outs? were you freaking out? how did you figure it out?


I’ve got a reservation for Le Cellier in late October that I made on-line and you’d better believe I printed out my confirmation so when I do walk up on October 24, they won’t be able to turn me away.
I’ve waited too long and tried too often to score this reservation that even though it’s not at the best time,


I always print out my ressies and take them with me.


How do you do that?


Very good to know! They honored your ressies, right?


The conceige desk actually re-booked them for me and when we showed up to the restaurant we had two reservations.

I usually travel with my confirmation numbers too and I usually more prepared when we have the kids with us but I wasn’t sweating anything since it was only the two of us.

It wasn’t a big deal but I just wanted to give people a heads up who have their confirmations printed out at the desk that any ressies made online will not show up on it.


After I made my online ADRs I had to call to book Victoria & Albert’s. After I had done that, I asked the CM to make sure my online reservations were in the system and they were. I printed out my confirmation e-mails and entered all the appropriate info (place, time, confirmation number, etc.) on a calendar page I take with me. I will also do each reservation on a business card and throw them away after dining at that place.


Yeah, I’m printing out my ressies and conf. numbers. I’m paranoid and super anal about everything going as planned, so I automatically assume something is getting messed up lol.


Anytime we get a reservation number for ANYTHING, we print it out, write it down, take a picture of it etc about 10x over ‘just incase’ anything goes wrong. We sound really paranoid reading that haha


I print out the confirmation numbers and stick them in my suitcase. However, I like to rewrite all the reservation details on an index card. That way it’s easy to carry through out my stay at WDW and I have everything right in one place. If somehow I lose the card, I have all my print outs back at the resort.


I had one reservation that I made online and had the same situation. The CM couldn’t find it b/c she said it was not connected to my room reservation.

Now, apparently this cannot be the case because before I was told the ONLY way to check is that I had to read off all of my ADR numbers to the CM to check and the only way to add people was to cancel the ADR and reschedule.

My last call, the CM just looked up the same reservation in question without the conf. # and added 2 people keeping the same confirmation. (this is the non-connected ADR) Just ODD. Oh well, third call was the charm I guess.

I keep a copy of all reservations in my travel folder and also make index cards for each day that I carry with. I include all events we need to remember (Fantasmic 8:30 ect…), ADR #, crowd calendar suggestions in case the park is crowded.

Can never be too prepared!