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I write for a Disney Magazine called Mousemag…theres 3 issues out so far newest one was recently released. Its available to download and read online, but there is printable copies too. I have wrote for all three, my articles are about the Classic films that were produced. About the story, its history, characters etc. If anyone fancies a read then heres issue 3 and issues 1 and 2 are underneath it too :slight_smile:
If you’re looking for my articles theyre half way through…by Justine Welsh. There are also some other amazing stuff in there too its worth a read :slight_smile:

Magazine Mousemag | Issue Issue 3 | MagCloud


I like your magazine. Some of your articles are really amazing. I appreciate your work keep it up.


ah wow thanks very much thats dead kind of you :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to post the new issue up here once its been done! Thanks :smiley: