Online reservations


Anyone having problems with making online reservations? I tried last night and several times today. The page just says, “loading system” and does nothing!! Very frustrating!!:angry:


I had problems on Sunday when I was at my 180+10 mark. I was trying to make ressies at Rose and Crown for 11/20. Nothing came up. I thought it was odd.

Then I checked again and still nothing. So I tried other EP restaurants and nothing came up other than Germany. Not even China!!! That restaurant never sells out.

So I called Disney and they opened a ticket on it to look into the situation. I tried calling back on Monday, still nothing. But yesterday, I logged on and it was fixed. Now all the EP restaurants appear for 11/20 and I was able to get my reservation!


I had trouble a few weeks ago-for weeks… It took forever… I checked every hour for stuff, and I finally got it early one morning… Good luck.


I just made some this morning and it worked fine…