Online Survey


So we stayed at the Contemporary a few weeks ago- for only 2 nights. We got a survey in the mail today, and it was asking all kinds of questions about the hotel, staff, cleanliness, transportation, etc…

Thought it was interesting on one of the transportation questions, it asked if there were any problems= the choices were, too many stops, too long of a wait, too hot at the waiting place, too difficult to load and unload wheelchairs, too long of a wait to load and unload wheelchairs, waiting too long for a bus, etc.

There were interesting questions, but I have never gotten these questions on any other hotel survey. They asked if we saw anyone that made you feel good, or was very helpful.

Has anyone else had this from anywhere else? Just thought it was interesting.


We usually get a survey after staying at BCV but I’ve never been asked those questions. Interesting…


I just wonder if they are trying to improve the Contemporary- not BLT… but to bring it up to par from guests like at the Polynesian…


I’m not a fan of the bus stop at the Contemporary. It seems like it’s in the worst possible place. When it’s hot, it’s miserable. And yes, I’ve been there when it’s cold… there’s a brisk very chilly breeze/wind that blows off the lagoon and it’s NOT comfortable.

Because of it’s location and the convention hall, it seems Disney has really not been able to adapt it to being convenient for bus use.


Well, yes. I think this survey was looking at the whole complex, as well as transportation. We had a huge walk to the front of the hotel- we were in the garden rooms… That was our only complaint. (and really, that is not an issue)…The kids loved the pool. We saw a kid pretending to drown, and the lifeguard jumped in and saved him. The parents were so embarrassed, and they made him apologize to the lifeguard. But I was pleased to see the response from the lifeguard…
I did think it was interesting that I said I rode the monorail, and there were no questions about that…

They asked about dining too, but we were not there long enough to answer enough questions about that…


I find this quite interesting, where the bus is your all right it’s terrible, plus don’t get me started on the wait…


There are always issues with the Contemporary’s bus stop and large numbers of MK guests heading to DTD at park closing.
As for waits, if they’re long at Contemporary, they’ll be exactly the same at Poly because they share all buses to all destinations.
As for the possibility of adding a second stop for BLT, I’d be certain that won’t ever happen. Remember, BLT is built on the site of the old North Wing, and that is certainly a lot closer than the South Wing is to the existing bus stop. You’ll usually walk farther at SSR and OKW to get to a bus stop. Same goes for CSR, POR, POFQ, and CBR.
And I don’t see them even being able to move that bus stop anywhere else at the Contemporary. No deluxe has its bus stop right next to the carport/valet area. Sadly (or not), it’s in about the best possible location where it is.