Online Trip Planning Tools


I’ve been fiddling with some online tools and I think they’re in a state that they are ready to be shared.
Found at: (Select WDW Planning)

  1. WDW Trip Calculator: Figures what days on your trip will be early entry, countdown, when to call for priority seating, more…
  2. Attraction Restriction Calculator: What rides and why, your shorty won’t be able to ride.
  3. Child Height Calculator: Figure out how tall your kid will be for WDW.

WDW Trip Calculator:
This calculator will determine based on the dates of your stay:

  • Parks for Extra Magic Hour (Early Entry)
  • Give priority seating options based on hotel and park
  • When to call for Priority Seatings (day by day)
  • Give information about common shows & parades
  • How many days until your trip & how many days you are staying

Essentially, I’ve taken the idea of a priority seating calculator one step further to also take into account extra magic hour (parks doing early entry), and some of the parades and shows. It also takes into account what resort you’re staying at. I’m thinking of hooking it into the park hours, special events, and other stuff too.

Attraction Restriction Calculator:
This tool takes information about the guest and then shows what attractions and activities to avoid. It also shows you how many more inches to grow or how many more years to wait. This is probably most useful for people with kids and for ladies that are pregnant to see what you can’t ride.

The online tool takes information like age, height, age, and a checklist of other stuff to determine what attractions and activities you might avoid.

And because I too have a shorty-kid, I’ve included a child height calculator and growth charts to help you figure out if your kid is going to grow enough for your vacation.


Welcome to DC funkyjohn!!! Very cool planner!! I put in my dates and PRESTO! I printed out the page to put with my guides. Thanks so much! :heart:


Welcome to DC funkyjohn! Love your counter. I printed it out and put it with all of my other planning materials. Thanks so much.


Just FYI - I pulled mine up and the Extra Magic Hour days are wrong. They’re off by a day. Sept 17-26th
MK - Sunday & Thursday
AK - Monday & Friday
MGM - Tuesday & Saturday
Epcot - Wednesday
is what they should be but they are all shifted a day early.

But this is a really cool tool. Thanks for the link and welcome to DC.


Cool website! It would be great to have park hours, etc tied into it too. Thanks for the help!


I just tried using the calculators but each time I submitted the information I got a “page is unavailable” message from my browser.


I made a few bug fixes and everything is working great for the extra magic hour park selections.

I’ve verified that the link to is good. From there you select “WDW Planning”.

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