Only 10 more days!


Only 10 more days until my first trip to Walt Disney World!!! I live in California in Pacifica… a little town near San Francisco. So, of course, it’s a VERY long plane ride to Florida. I have been to Disneyland about 16 times, however… :smile: but I am just soooo excited about going to Disneyworld!!! :wub: I wub Disney so much… I’ve got many Disney nicknames lol. Including Ariel as people say I look much like her and…act like her, lol. The plane ride is going to be six hours. Any suggestions on what to bring? Should I buy a Pal Mickey? Is the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort a good place to stay? Thanks in advance. Any additional info/pics is very welcomed :smile: :heart:


Anyone? :happy:


Hope you have much, much, much fun. I’m sure you will. All of the resorts look great! I’ve never stayed at the Carribean. I’m not sure about Pal-MICKEY. We’ve just researched a great deal before we’ve gone and used the maps/agenda schedules they give you when entering the Parks. WDW is wonderful and I hope you enjoy it as much as we always do!!! :smile: :smile:


Just to add----try I love this website. Great info on all resorts with readers feedback about their stay. You can get maps and agendas for each park here too. Print them out and read and plan during you 6 hour flight! Have fun…


I wish I was your right now!!! We just went in May, but all I keep doing is thinking of our trip and how much fun we had. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, went wrong. Everything was “perfect”.

We have stayed at CBR our last two visits and love it there. It is a huge resort, but it is great.

We stayed in Trinidad South our first time. Very far removed from everything but very quiet. We used the rental car to go to OPR because the walk was too long. There is an internal bus too.

We stayed in Jamaica, building 41. Across the parking lot was the bus stop and a short walk over the bridge was OPR. Each island has it’s own pool and laundry facilities. At OPR there is the main pool, so cool, the store and food court. Along with an outside bar and a small game room. Buy the mugs, it is worth it if you are soda drinkers. There is also lemonade for the non-soda drinkers, like us.

No matter where you stay, you will like the resort. Very colorful and a lot of fun. Hang out on a hammock if you get the chance. It is so relaxing and peaceful.


Thanks a ton, guys! I’m verrrry excited about this trip! Hopefully I will get it as perfect as you did, Hiner :happy:


you’ll no doubt have a movie in flight or you can bring a personal DVD with headphones and watch disney stuff on the plane. Or pour over one of the guide books and make any changes to your game plan. Or maybe you’de better catch a nap, that way you can hit the parks running when you arrive, LOL I can’t wait till December :smile: :mickey: :biggrin:


Hehe! I can run on Disney movies for years! I have a personal DVD player… so I will definitely be watching those DVDs! Lol! Thanks!


Let me tell you…nothing usually ever goes right for my DH and I. There is always something that goes wrong. This was the first time that everything went perfect for us. We got to see everything we wanted to see, had beautiful weather the entire time (only rained once while we were eating dinner at Tony’s in MK and was over by the time we were done). The only thing that went a little wrong was the rental car after check in, but were able to return it at Alamo on WDW property. Smooth sailing from there on out.


Awesome! Hopefully mine will do OK as well… the last time I went to DL it was totally perfect! We went on the boat ride throught the whale’s mouth and throught the mini replicas of all of the palaces and castles and story tails. I think it’s called “Story book Land” or “fairytale land”. Then we stopped near the waterfall because they had the “Wishes” fireworks show on and we got to watch it on the river near the waterfall and Ariel’s palace! It was amazing.