Only 3 Months To Go!


I started my countdown to disneyworld about 15 months ago. I opened a savings account w/o the wife knowing about it, buried the evidence in the backyard (literally), I had been making deposits in it for about 6 months , and got most of the trip paid off before I gave it to her for a random gift. I said “Here ya go…Its disneyworld.” She was actually kinda mad at first b/c It was something I did totally random and on my own. But I planned it for our 2 year anniversary present, so she couldnt be too upset. We only have 3 months to go (to the EXACT day). It’s finally creeping up on us. I have a countdown on my myspace page, I have the days counting down on my calender at work. Every day I go in to work, I mark off a day. My co-workers think Im nuts, and are really tired of hearing about Disneyworld. According to my myspace page, I have 3 months 6 hours 9 minutes and a few seconds. I just wanted to share my good news and my enthusiasm with a bunch of people who I knew would appreciate the struggle Im going through right now, waiting to be sitting in that airplane, headed to orlando !!! :laugh:


I wouldn’t complain a bit if I were given a trip to Disney. My husband is such a crank about trying to go!


congrats to you. 3 months will fly by. If you need to talk about Disney, you should just come here and yap at us :biggrin:


I am down to 72 days before our trip – of course, it feels like an eternity. The more I browse this website, the thinner my patience is getting! :eek:


This is the place to talk about anything Disney and like you most people I work with are tired of me talking about our trip in December


Our trip is coming up at the end of the month and it is soooo hard to wait!


YAY for you!!! If anyone can understand your enthusiasm, it’s us!! I know my co-workers do NOT understand :slight_smile:

How cool that you made it a surprise!!! I’m sure she’s over being mad at you!


That sounds like a great surprise to me! And it sounds like you’ll be there for the Christmas decorations, that’s even better! Have a wonderful trip. :smile:


Congrats! Thats awesome! DH would have NEVER been able to keep that from me. Im sure your wife isn’t mad anymore, probably got more shocked then mad. Hope you both have a great time.


Congrats, we are addicted to the place. My husband and I went for the first time ever when we were 34 and had 4 kids and our friend was sucker enough to babysit them while we went on a 4 day, 3 night getaway to Disneyworld. My husband suggested it and I agreed that we should check it out before we took the kids. We only did 1 park and universal studious and we were sold every since.


How exciting, and what a wonderful anniversary surprise! These last couple months are going to FLY!! Trust me, I felt like I was saying “3 months to go” just yesterday but now I am down to 38 days!!!

You’ll get through the waiting, and you’ll have the best time ever!

Where are you staying? How long? Any good anniversary surprises once you arrive?


Believe me. It will go fast.


Congrat Would you please give my husband some advice on what women really want for an anniversary prresent. I will probably get seat covers again this year, yeah. I am excited for you.


I am with you on this i keep looking at my count down…and want it to move faster!!!:pirate:


You are one good hubbie!!! I cant believe she was mad at first lol. Sounds like you have about 2 months to go. have fun, and much like you my employer is sick of hearing about my trip to Disney. The kicker is…she is my sister and is going with me lol!!