Only About 2 months til Applications! (Vlogs and DCP Blogs!)


I’m so excited it’s a little over two months until I can apply again for the Walt Disney World College Program (Spring Adv. 2012) I am soooo excited! I’ve already decided that if I get accepted, I am going to extend so I can have a consecutive year working at Disney on my resume :smiley: And then I may go seasonal until I finish college, do another CP… or two. :blush: And then finally a PI :happy::wub:

But anyways! Since fun and exciting things will be happening very soon, I just wanted to update everyone on all the ways that can join in and follow along on my journey!

Here’s my Tumblr (BLOG):
Here’s my Youtube (VLOG):

They are both very active, so always something fun to read/watch! :blush:

I can’t wait I’m getting soooo excited! :crying: :wub:I’m nervous, since I’m a rehire, and I self termed (as some of you may remember) early on my last program. But I think I’m still a strong candidate and I was a great employee!

I hope you all enjoy!
Have a magical day! :happy:


I think they’d be mad not to re-hire you in a heartbeat Stacey. You are just what the world needs, your enthusiasm for Disney is just infectious and that’s a great quality to have. I shall keep everything crossed for you=keep us updated wont you? xx


I agree with Dixie! You are perfect CM material! :happy:


Thank you so much Dixie and LMM! That means so much to me really. The CP is one of my biggest dreams, so I guess nerves would be only natural! haha. And I will definitely be keeping you guys well informed and updated!

I’m just excited it’s getting so close! :smiley:

I already have about 5? ish vlogs! And another coming out in the next day or two!


I am sure that they are going to rehire you.


Thank you! :happy:


You would be the best for sure. I keep telling my DD to do that too but not sure if she would be interested. She is alot like you, bubbly, cute and alot of fun. Good Luck with it!!


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!


Thanks everyone! :smiley: