Only three more days


Cant wait to finally sit back and take a breath and relax for a while. We are taking our 4 and 6 year olds so we are trying to tell ourselves to just go with the flow…Allstar Movies for 4 days and Animal Kingdom Lodge for 4 days. Second half is a surprise to the wife, she has no clue.


With a 4 and a 6 year old, “Go with the Flow” is the best advice you can give yourself. Relax and have fun!


:heart: Ohhhh, that’s so sweet surprising your wife!!! Better watch out though, if your kids are like mine, they may not want to leave the ASM… :mad: Definitely go with the flow, but I do suggest priority seating reservations if you’re planning doing any character meals! Have fun :excl:


Have a blast and say “Hi” to Mickey and friends for me:) Wish I was you right now!!!


What a great surprise!!! Have a wonderful time!!!


“Go with the flow” is the best advice ever given. Have a great time!


Have a wonderful time!!! Write us a trip report when you come back.


I would be so wound up being so close to departure. Have fun! Can’t wait till I make a post of my own like this :wink:


What a great surprise!! They are going to love their stay at AKL. Go with the flow is the best way to enjoy your trip…especially in the hot summer months. Take breaks often and just enjoy the magic of WDW. Have a great trip. Please post a trip report upon you return. I would love to hear all about the surpirse and your trip! :mickey:


Oh ENJOY!! Please post a trip report when you get back.


bless your heart for suprising your wife with such a wonderful surprise :mickey: …and here’s me thinking I had the nicest hubby! :wub: …bbllllurrrggghhh :biggrin:

have a wicked time

A xxxx


That is so sweet to suprise the wife like that. Have a wonderful time and please post a trip report when you get back.