Opening ceremonies at the parks


My DW and I have been to WDW several times and while we are there from open to close on every EMH day we have never made it in time for the opening ceremonies. This year there will be no children:frown:/:biggrin: so we were thinking about checking out this part of the day.

Does every park have a special ceremony? And at what time do they occur? Are they worth the rush to the park?


I think the best one is Magic Kingdom. They really do a great job! My family was even part of it last year! You can check out You Tube to see if you want to do that or not.


I agree that MK’s open is the best, but I also really like AK’s, even though we are never there early enough to be close enough to really see the action in AK’s open!:pinch::laugh:


You can actually see the opening ceremonies on youtube if you want to check to see if it’s worth getting up for. I believe most people say to get there at least 30 minutes before park opening, but I’ve never been there that early so I don’t know for sure. All 4 parks have an opening show or ceremony.


I have seen the ceremony for HS, AK and Epcot…never saw the MK one. I am usually there for EMH for that park and it happens when I am in the park. They are cute and worth seeing once.


Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom have the best. DHS’s is really lame in comparison.


We have never seen it either! With 5 children under five in our party… we aren’t THAT morning morning people! :laugh: haha I’ve always wanted to though!!!


anything on YouTube:laugh: I should have thought of that. Thanks for the YouTube endorsement everyone.:happy:




When do we need to arrive by in order to see the goings on?


So different we are…that’s my favorite. I always get into it.:laugh:


Haha, yeah we’re usually noonish arrivers! lol. But one time we went just after opening bc we had breakfast at CP and I’ll admit we did get so much more in! But still. :happy:


Rope drop at MK is awesome! IMO nothing is as magical as being one of the first to walk down Main Street in the AM. The ceremonies are a great way to set the tone for the day and our DD even thought it was worth turning out of the room that early. If at all possible I recommend crossing this one off of your bucket list.

As a side note I think you can still make ressies at CP for before rope drop and they let you through the gates before opening which means you get some cool photo ops walking down Main Street while it is totally deserted.


MY DW just told me that we did see the opening of MK. I just don’t remember:confused:. I do remember being on Main Street and marveling at how empty the place was though.


LOL…tough getting old huh!?


I would say 15-20 minutes prior to park opening, (depending on the season) this way you can get through the turnstiles and get a good view.


we were there about 45 minutes early :eek: and they had cute stuff for the kids to do…hula hoops & stuff. when the crowds started rollin in, they put them away we wanted to have a good spot though so DD could see!


Magic Kingdom is my favorite.


Wow…I never knew the did opening ceremony at AK or Epcot…what do they do?

I love MK’s opening!!!