Opening Ceremonies for All Parks?


Hi everyone,

I searched for opening ceremonys and there wasn’t any current info.
SOOOO, that being said, does anyone have any updated info? Are they still doing the MK train opening ceremony? :mickey: :mickey:

Also, what do the other parks do for opening ceremonies?

Thanks all!!!


MK- The characters arrive on the train at Main St. Mickey and the selected family open the park with pixie dust while the trolley performers sing and dance.

DAK-The Adventure Begins show. Minnie, Goofy and Pluto check to make sure they have everything they need to begin their adventure at Animal Kingdom. Mickey shows up at the Tree of Life as their guide.

Epcot- Since the character bus no longer comes out, there’s a new opening ceremony. I’ve not yet seen it so I’m not entirely sure, but I believe Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy show up in a Test Track car, and there’s a small ceremony where the selected family rides with them into the park and the family gets special privaleges all day long at Epcot.

Studios- The characters all meet at the entrance and rush towards the Hat where guest can begin their Hollywood Day.


Thanks Rowdy!!!

I know were to stand for the MK opening, but what about the others?
Can’t wait to see all of these. We are putting them into our daily plans.


We have GOT to see these when we move down there. :happy:



I have NEVER seen an opening ceremony! What do you have to do to be the selected family I wonder!..


I never knew that there were opening ceremonies in any of the parks…
Can you tell me where the best spot is…
I want to experience EVERY bit of magic this time.


And now, Clang Clang Clang went the trolley is in my head.

we’re goin’ right down the middle of Main Street U S Aaay-ay-ayyyy…


I want to be the Epcot family! DS5 would LOVE to ride in a Test Track type car!


I’ve only seen the one at MK but that just made my magical day :happy: The last time we went to MK, it was a very early opening (7am) and they just played the audio, but didn’t have the train or the characters. Was that just too early for Mickey to be awake? I’d really like to see it next time we go (2 more weeks!!!) The opening ceremony there was a very Disney way to start the day.


i was in the opening of Epcot in 1982 but it was alot of people.:mickey:


I have NEVER seen an opening ceremony at ANY of the parks!!! And how do you get to be the chosen family of the day? Is it luck? Is it the first family there? I wonder…Rowdy, do you know for sure???


We are early risers and last year we were at Epcot, MGM, MK, and AK for rope drop. The only ceremonies we actually saw were at Epcot and MGM since we were right up in the front. Would really like to hear from Rowdy about how to be the chosen family.


Just like when it comes to parades, you’re selected by just being at the right place at the right time. A manager is the one who’ll select the family. There’s no “requirements” to be the chosen family. He or she’ll just select a family he sees just to make a little extra magic happen.


Is the family chosen at the front gates BEFORE they put their tickets in?? After they walk through the gates? Or is it just TOTALLY random?
Just wondering… :cool:


oh boy - another Disney-dream-job to add to my list!
One of the singer/dancers on the Trolley!!! EEK!


As an early riser, we’ve seen them all. Finding a good spot isn’t crucial–they key is to jockey up for the “rope drop” to head for the main attractions.

Other than MK, the openings are rather lack-luster. Even at the MK opening, you’ll find yourself thinking, “I wish this thing would hurry up and get over with so we can get into the park.”


A couple of years ago, a family was selected (the one right in front of us!!) to be the grand marshall of the parade as we were going through the ticket line. My DD was very disappointed. We were there very early.


Haven’t you guys noticed that they usually pick a family that has a mother and a father, one boy and one girl, early grade school age?


We were picked for “Family of the Day” at AK, which meant special treats at the Pocahontas & Lion King shows. We certainly don’t fit your the average set–with us being Amish and all.