Opening Ceremonies


I’ve been to WDW tons of times, but I have never seen an opening ceremony. In fact, I didn’t know they had any special opening events until a few months ago. I’m thinking that may be something special DH and I could do this trip, since neither of us have seen them. I just wanted some opinions on them.

So who here has been to the parks’ opening ceremonies? What are they like? Are they worth getting up that early?

Thanks in advance.


After constantly doing DAK’s opening ceremony, I have to say it’s my fave. It’s a fun way for everyone to open the park. I say the opening ceremonies are worth it.


I’ve also never heard of parks having ‘opening ceremonies’…
any info welcomed…


I am always on hand for the official opening. That being said, I have only actually seen the one at MGM. I always have myself positioned to get the best advantage to get to the attractions and that doesn’t always work with where they have the ceremonies.

The one at MGM is a bit lame. They only have some fun music and a few characters to greet you. Nothing spectacular…still a fun way to start a WDW day though.


I love openings! They really get me in the mood. It’s like my own personal “Welcome to Disney, Andrea!”

We missed the opening at AK because we went on an EMH morning. But in Epcot all the characters came by on the bus, MGM wasn’t that exciting, and at MK the train pulls up and it’s a full blown musical number.

It just lets Mickey know I’m here. :happy:


They do that for me too. Mickey wants to be notified when I arrive. That way he knows it’s a “special” WDW day…lol


On my past trip I was in time to see the opening of MK. It was okay,nice to see once,but not something I’d get up for again unless I was with nieces and nephews.


I like to be at the park when it opens just to get to the rides faster. The opening ceremony is a nice benefit while you are waiting.


I don’t really understand what teh “opening ceramonies” are. Everyone keeps talking about getting up early, but how early is early, and did I understand it right, If the park is having EMH than they don’t do these “opening ceremonies”? Please give more details! I am now soooo curious?


I don’t know about NOT doing the Opening Ceremonies when it’s EMH - but, I do know that the “opening ceremonies” are just a nice way to greet the guests.

If the park opens at 10, be there by 9:30. You’ll get in line, get in, and then kind of wait at the front of the park - big music will start and, depending on which park you’re in - you’ll see a cute little show.

MGM - a bunch of characters wave and jump around back by the sorcerors hat - it’s really cute and exciting! I love it because it destracts people from rushing to RnR :laugh:

AK - SUPER SHOW! THey let you in, and you sort of wait, and then big tall truck comes (it looks like it’s part of a safari) and a bunch of characters are singing and dancing! It’s really WONDERFUL! The BEST on in my opinion!

Well, as much as my opinion counts - I’ve never seen the EPCOT and MK ceremonies!



usually when we are going to a park early, it’s for a breakfast ressie. I’ve been in MK twice before opening, and AK once, and I’ve never heard of or made it a point to see the opening ceremonies. I guess we’ll try that in December…


Just to clear a few things about Epcot’s opening. The character bus no longer comes out. I miss it very much. But now it’s quite different. A family’s selected and gets all sorts of cool priveleges throughout the day at Epcot. Mickey rides up in a Test Track car to do the ceremony I believe.


How do you get selected to be “that” family? Is it just a random pick?


I have been to MK opening ceremonies and the ones for Epcot. They were really a fun way to start you Disney park day.
I think you had to be there around 8 am at MK (but I might be very wrong about the time) There was great excitement in the air. I could have burst into tears with anticipation of going to my favorite place, MK.
finally the train with the characters pulled in, the MK street dancers performed, the Mayor made a speech and the family of the day was introduced.
Finally, finally they all pile into the train again and we are on our way through the tunnel…yeay!!!
And now off to first smell the air…ahhhhhh Main Street.

Yes, I’d say it is well worth getting up early for.

Andrea already told how they open up Epcot. But I hear there isn’t a bus anymore now. Maybe someone else has seen it recently.


I want to be the “Family of the Day!!!” I know, beggers can’t be choosers!!