Opening Dates of Theme Parks


I was watching the WDW Behind the Scenes special on Travel Channel the other night and I happened to catch that they mentioned MK opened in 1971 and Epcot opened in 1982. Does anyone know when MGM and AK opened?:confused:


Animal Kingdom April 22, 1998

Disney MGM Studios May 1, 1989

Epcot October 1, 1982

Magic Kingdom October 1, 1971


So I was just noticing. We’ve never gone more than 11 years without adding a park. April of 2009 is less than 2 years away! Just sayin’…


That was the purpose of my question…I’m just wondering when we can expect another theme park:huh:


hmmmm makes you wonder.


I wouldn’t expect a new park opening anytime soon. Animal Kingdom struggled when it first opened and I think they have reached the saturation point with parks in Orlando. The only exception I could see if Disney would do a highend park like Seaworld’s Discovery Cove.


That’s when Disney’s Coaster Kingdom will open!
But seriously, as noted, AK and also MGM were lacking enough attractions to make the parks more than half day affairs for a very long time, and really, they both have a way to go as far as adding more rides. AK is only now remaining open past dark. Before Disney builds a fifth theme park in Orlando, I’d like to see DCA, AK, and MGM all have more attractions and more thrill rides because this isn’t 1955 or even 1971 and today’s youth are ready for more than Tea Cups and what in other parks is a minicoaster (Space Mountain).


I remember when AK opened and heard how it struggled in the begining. I’m sure it’s an awesome park but, I’ve just never had the desire to go there. I love MK and Epcot so much. I should at least try to get in a half day visit to AK and give it a try.


Let’s not forget that in these “behind the scenes” specials that the Travel Channel keeps airing, Disney Imagineers keep saying how much land they still have to build more theme parks and hotels. The fifth theme park is inevitable; it’s just a matter of time.


When we went on the Disney Cruise last November I went to a talk by a Senior person who had overseen part of the construction of the ships. At the end of his talk he offered to take any question that he could answer. I got up and asked about more parks in Orlando.:huh: His answer was that a strategic objective about 5 to 10 years ago was to make WDW a full weeks vacation for guests. His feeling was that was accomplished so the push for more just is not there. He speculated more for Asia prior to anything else anywhere.:frown:


They are building two new cruise ships for Disney Cruise Line and a state of the art cruise ship costs something like $250 million each. $500 million in new ship construction equals a new theme park, especially with the new park opening in China. Remember, DCL and AK were both brought on line at the same time in 1998. A new park in Orlando will cost a minimum of $600 million just to get up and running.