Opening Day...Where where you?


I remember going to the opening day of MGM years ago…okay I was in second grade, but I still remember it. My question is were you at any opening days of WDW or DL? and which one? was there anything special you remember? I guess we weren’t DCers then, but we are now.


In April 1998, my family experienced a soft opening of AK. Asia wasn’t open, only Africa and dinoland. We got to go for free. They were letting all onsite guests tour it. It was really cool being the first to see it , even if it wasn’t all up and running yet.


I cant remember what I did yesterday… :laugh: but I know this for sure - in 1998 :crying: I wasn’t at WDW! :mickey:


I was a 4 month old in the hospital when EPCOT opened.


I was fortunate enough to be on hand for the Grand Opening and Dedication Ceremony of Epcot on Oct. 1, 1982, exactly three years to the day that I attended Epcot’s groundbreaking ceremony in a remote wooded area where Spaceship Earth now stands. I’m the proud owner of Epcot souvenir ticket No. 5. By 1982 standards, the opening celebration was quite grand. Here’s a snippet of some of the music that was played that day during the opening ceremony.

Of course, things have changed a lot. Back then, Epcot was spelled in all capital letters and it was called EPCOT Center. The acronym stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a term rarely heard these days in reference to Epcot

What attractions were in Future World for the 1982 opening? Well, there was Spaceship Earth (sponsored by AT&T); Universe of Energy (sponsored by Exxon); World of Motion (sponsored by General Motors); Journey into Imagination (sponsored by Kodak); The Land (sponsored by Nestle USA; and EPCOT Computer Central (sponsored by Unisys). Computer Central was part of what was called Communicore East, which in 1994 was renamed Innoventions.

In 1982, World Showcase consisted of nine nations: Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, the United States, Italy, Germany, China, and Mexico. Since then, Morocco (1984) and Norway (1988) have been added.

Also in 1982, none of the traditional Disney characters ever were seen in EPCOT (the thinking was they belonged in the Magic Kingdom) and no character merchandise was sold in any of the shops. This changed in 1984 when the Eisner Era began.

And not long after Epcot opened, motorized guest transportation (long since discontinued) that ran around World Showcase Lagoon became available. The reason: Disney feared the long, unshaded walk around World Showcase in the heat of Florida’s summer was too harsh for many guests.


My mom was about…2 when DL opened and in her late teens (I think) when WDW opened…SO…needless to say, I wasn’t even imagined yet.

When Epcot opened I was a little over 1 year old…but I wasn’t there.
WHen MGM opended I was in the 4th grade…i did go to MGM that year, but not opening day.
AND lastly,
When AK opened I was a senior in High School…sadly I had to option to go…but didn’t.


i was there in the opening day in Epcot and i love the costumes and dancing. i can’t wait for the 25th birthday of Epcot.:happy:


I may not have been at any of the parks when they opened,but I intend to be at Epcot on Oct.1,2007 for the 25th anniversary.


Sure enough! :cool: We’ll be there, too! :happy:


If our traditional vacation plans hold up for '07 we should be there too!


Opening day July 17, 1955, DL I was watching on T.V. in black and white, I was 8 years old! Joe


Unfortunately, I haven’t been to any Disney parks on opening day, but I was at Universal Orlando on opening day. Of course, nothing at all worked right. We were able to get tickets to come another day, but had to surrender our opening day tickets. :frowning: