Opinion of Sanaa?


Hello, everyone! I really would like to try Sanaa on my next trip. Has anyone dined there and what are the must haves on the menu?


Ate there with my son a couple of years ago, and the menu was a little too exotic for his tastes. We explained this to the waitress because we planned to leave and head over to the food court at Jambo House. But she urged us to stay and offered to bring us a sampler platter of different kinds of breads, and tiny cups of some of the entree dishes. The idea is you wrap a bite of meat in the bread. We decided to give it a go, and it was terrific – there was definitely one kind of bread we were crazy about (sorry I can’t remember which it was), and one of the meat dishes really stood out as well – beef short ribs. But they were all really good. Interesting flavors!

Now, let me add that we loved this sampler experience for lunch but I would not choose Sanaa for dinner. The reason is because we LOVE Boma, right next door. Seriously LOVE Boma. And we also have Jiko on our list of places to try when we can. So – if you are looking for a quirky lunch, Sanaa might be a nice choice. If you are looking for a meal that will blow you away, Boma or Jiko.


Yum, we ate at Sanaa a few years ago and it was delicious.


We love Boma as well and we have dined at Jiko. We liked Jiko, but liked Boma better. This is going to be a smaller, girls trip as opposed to the 11 people we took last time, so we thought we would like to try some more exotic places to dine. When taking a large group it is hard to do that and please everyone. This will be our only shot at a small trip for a while. December 2013 will be my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary, so we are planning a huge trip with 20+ people!


Sorry, but for us, Sanaa is still on the will try eventually list.
And I think it has more to do with being sure that DW’s stomach is up to it than anything else.


Last time down last year we tried Saana on a whim due to it was raining while we were at AK and found it to be a perfect place tp eat lunch the flatbreat and mango chutney was excellent, and the ribs were delicous. No one of the 4 of us went away feeling that we wouldn’t try this place again. As a matter of fact it on our ADR’s for the day we go to AK this October.


We ate there a couple weeks sgo and were very happy with it. I had the catch or the day and it was great! After seeing other tables thoughi wished I had chosen one of the currys because they looked amazing and so much more exotic than what I had! I would absoluetly recommend it though, and their birthday celebration is pretty neat if someone in your group is celebrating!


We are going the week of my birthday!


My husband and I ate at Sanaa and loved the whole experience, the atmosphere is like being in a well decorated cocoon of peacefulness. haha. For me the desserts were the best, but the beef short ribs were good and my husband liked the Tandoori Chicken. There is also a beautiful and quiet bar in there.


Make sure your server knows!