Opinion on Big River Grille at Boardwalk?


Has anyone had the steak at Big River Grille at Boardwalk? What did you think?


Haven’t had the steak - but the meatloaf is wonderful.


Thanks, it seems the be the most reasonable for a steak dinner, most other places are $30 and up


It’s been over a year since we have last eaten here. I don’t believe we have ever had the steak, but we did like everything we ordered.


I’ve never had the steak, either, but we’ve eaten there several times for lunch and love it. It’s a nice place to go to get away from the afternoon crowds at DHS/Epcot.


Same company as Gordon Biersch. Food and beer are good!


Oh I do like GB…I’ll have to try the BRG sometime…:happy:


Have eaten there many times. Enjoy the steak there. Good food all around and nice selection of beers also.


We really enjoyed our steak there. We were on the dining plan and they kept offering add ons at no charge. We all had shrimp and salad with our meal…great value .


We loved the meal there. Good steak. Well seasoned and cooked just right.


Never had the steak there, but the food I have had is TGIF quality.


We were just there 2 weeks ago. Beer selection is very good, meatloaf was good, burgers are very good, salmon was good, and they brought the grandkids meals out quickly so they were occupied. That was the most important part. We took a break from Epcot and took the boat to the Boardwalk for our dinner reservations. I would recommend it.


Been there once Food OK service was slow and iffy …not a big enough sample but just our experience…no plans on going back,SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many other choices


What did you get?


been a while …I had a burger…my wife I believe had some chicken thing and my son if I rememeber might have had some sort of steak but like I said it has been awhile probably more than 6 years ago


Ok, I am not sure we will go there yet, I really want a steak in Disney, but don’t want to pay some for the $$35+ prices, they had one for $18.99, which I can deal with a little easier.


like I said only been there once it didn’t stand out but was not a disaster…so for 18.99 it should be fine…have fun no matter what you choose


Only had burgers and beer. There was nothing Disney-like about it. Expensive Applebee’s I’d say.


One day I’ll get a Shula’s steak house steak at the Dolphin. It’s on the to do list!


That’s a bummer