Opinion on Pin Trading?


Okay, I was just wondering on what people’s opinions were on collecting and trading Disney pins… :ohmy: Please, no fights… :blush:


I think the pins are so cute and fun. I only have a few because it seems a shame to have a lot but not really have anything to do with them.

I don’t know how into trading I would be.


I love pin trading! It’s great to trade some old pin you don’t want for some great pin that you spot on the lanyard of a CM. The beauty of it is, you get rid of the ones you don’t want, and if you play it smart, you can come home with all your pins replaced by great pins you want, even limited edition and CM lanyard pins.

Pin trading kicks butt!


I’m kinda neutral on this. I have a bunch of cute pins that I can’t see getting rid of! :ohmy: And I don’t have anywhere to put them. I think I am going to save them for when Nathaniel gets older.


Rofl! :laugh:


Or you could give them to me and I’ll trade them for better ones. :laugh;


I voted neutral. Only because I love collecting pretty Tinkerbell pins & other special pins, but think the whole process of pin trading can be kinda weird… and I hate lanyards. So yes… and no. haha.


Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. :pinch:


I LOVE IT! :heart:

I hate wearing a lanyard, but I always keep a few pins in my purse or my pocket (purse is preferable - I’ve had bad experiences with keeping them that close to sensitive flesh! :pinch:) just in case. I’m a really picky collector…I concentrate almost entirely on Chip n Dale and other Disney Afternoon characters. But occasionally something else will strike my fancy, and it’s just so much fun to hunt for new and unusual pins!


I love pin trading! My DSs also love it!:happy: :happy: :happy:


LOVE IT! Highly addicted!

Yeah, that sums it up. :mickey:


My girls love it! Emalie ( the youngest) stares at cast member’s lanyards until she finds one that she likes!

My DH only collects limited edition pins!

I think you can say it is a family thing!


I love collecting the pins, last trip I went a bit tinkerbell mad because there were hardly any Pooh pins for me to collect, I try n have a theme every trip but always end up picking the odd out of theme pins or little sets (Like the castle windows or the strange ride pins) Im not that intor trading because I always buy pins to keep but I have picked up some Uk Disney Store pins that went down a storm in DLP with trading.


I think pin trading is great. I don’t do it, but my DD does. I love how excited she gets finding a certain pin she was looking for.


My 8 year old loves pin trading. He doesn’t care about he value of the pins he just looks for something that he likes.


I marked neutral for this right nowas theDW and I want to start collecting pins forwheneverwe have a lil DS orDD.


I love collecting but never want to trade. I started out with a free AMEX lanyard that I wore simply to have my room key and hopper passes around my neck. It’s more convienient than searching the backpack or worrying about losing them in a purse/wallet. Then my DD got started when she was given a CM lanyard pin while shopping at DT Disney. The CM said if your Mommy will buy you a lanyard, I’ll give you this pin. She was given 3 lanyard pins that trip (no trading involved)! Then DH and I wanted pins too. So, now I collect the resorts and special event pins. DH collects parks and rides, and DD collects whatever she wants. DH and DD are into trading but I can’t part with mine. DH even buys some just for trading. I’m tinking of framing our pin collections in 3 separate frames - one for each of us. We have a Media room with a modest Disney theme. But, I want to do it so that I can remove them when we want to wear them. Or, maybe just pick some to retire.


Absolutely love it. Me, DH & DS are major addicts. We just got our friends into it last week at WOD NY. The 3 of us have approximately 700 pins right now and always looking to get more. We are even looking to start a trading club (info in a seperate post). We’ve met a lot of peaople and had sooo much fun trading. We like the challenge of searching out and trading for sets. Some of our sets are unfinished and some took months or years to finish.:mickey:


I voted neutral on this since I haven’t actually started trading yet. I’ve been collecting pins for DD and I by buying on ebay. When we go in April we will start trading and then I’ll be able to see what I think about it!! DD has already informed me that she will not trade any of HER pins!!!


Absoluley!!! LOVE collecting, and LOVE trading. I have more pins in my time than most have collected, lol. Not all Disney and not all in the same vein or for the same things, lol. Trading is a great way to meet new people and make friends that may last for a long time. Don’t be afraid to try it out, it can be a blast!!! For those who can’t bring themselves to trade away anything that they have gotten, pick up some extras when you find great deals, or limited editions that are low enough and nice enough to be wanted desperately by someone, lol. Can be a way to get that elusive pin you always wanted. lol